2/9's bbq was awesomeeeee! Although only 21 people turned up, we still had fun lah. And even though the sea was disgusting(filled with ...

2/9's bbq was awesomeeeee!
Although only 21 people turned up, we still had fun lah.
And even though the sea was disgusting(filled with rubbish, moss and more yucky stuff), and we didn't get a new pit and blahblah, it was still super fun. :D

Even the pit vivien booked was the number 29. (2/9!)
Vivien didn't book it because of the number but because it was near downtown and near the toilet. Only when grace told us about the 29 thingy then we realised the coincidence. xD

Pictures up! (:

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-ken. (Still not cooked bbqed yet!):D Bok, bok, bok!
This was way better than kfc! Lol!
All the girls were brave when touching the chicken along with all the blood oozing out...
Btw, it isn't so little ok! We barbecued quite a number of them. :D
Nice to eat alright!

Laughlaughlaugh, i also dunno what they laughing about lah.
I think they're laughing at the butter cos they're all looking at jolene's direction and she's dunno doing what to it. xD
Do you see the pattern on the left side of her shirt?
It's the water bomb someone shot at her! Hahaha
Jolene, too bad lah hor? xD

Then the malay girls had to go off.

Ms yee with haniz and camilia. Sarah ran off! Hahaha.
Look like some mtv picture eh? with the wind blowing! xD

Ohohoh! Did i tell you that we had to take like an hour to make the charcoal thingy?!
Samuel and abel were trying to make it happen at first but after half an hour, the girls took over since the guys couldn't let the charcoal breathe no shit.
And we could let the fire start!
Thanks to vivien's "foundation"... whatever lah! Triangle and square blahblah!
I helped too ok! xD

I'll miss them beauties next year ):
All in different classes.


Jolene: Woah! Porn man!
Vivien: *not very interested look* but continues looking on.

The guys bought Jingguo a mango cake(a slice xD)

tried to light the candle but the wind kept blowing so the fire blew out constantly.

All trying to use their hands to cover the wind.
The hands on the right look like some chinese dance hand position. xD

More hands join in to try cover the wind!
Hahaha! Poor Aidah! All the hands are on top of her.

In the end, everyone asked him to quickly blow the damn thing and he finally got to blow it out.

Haha! Vivien giving the chicken to samuel.

cheehwee, zhijie's back and wilson

Played waterbomb before we left and me and vivien were so petrified that we ran into the girls toilet to hide.
But even so, wilson went right into the girls toilet to splash water!
Damn it. xD
Scary man, and vivien told me she was really disgusted that he came in.

Went to downtown and sat outside the D'Marquee at the field to drink Sparkling juice.
I was complaining with sheryl that it's suppose to be Sparkling WINE, but whatever. ): Haha.
A guy at * gave us a lot of ice, he was really nice! Cos it was free and he gave us a whole plastic bag full of ice!
(Have to put *, later he kena sacked)

*More pictures at Jolene goldfish's blog! Loads of act cute photos of wilson and jingguo.
And a picture of ms. yee with the girls and guys.

Anw, i think there's gna be a chalet in late dec.
Maybe lah, hope so.

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