Am i the only one not looking forward to C h r i s t m a s ? I think so! ): Cos once christmas is over, hols are soon gna be over and tha...

Am i the only one not looking forward to Christmas?
I think so! ):
Cos once christmas is over, hols are soon gna be over and that sucks.
I'll have to experience another year of torment at school.
Okok, it's not that bad but still, i don't like school!
Sigh =/
Living hell lah.

Anyway, went to help my mom sell cookies at some hougang place with my cousins and bro yesterday.
Sold all the brownies :D
The performance there turned out to be a failure.
The electricity kept going out and there weren't enough audience.

I think either me or my bro will be getting a new laptop.
No wait, it's shared. xD
The best part is, it's freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. :D

Vivien and jolene are in church camp now.
Good right? At least they've got something happening during their hols.
I just tagged at vivien's blog to tell her not to come back from camp but i'm actually waiting patiently and silently wishing she'd just magically appear online in msn cos she's sort of the only person i ever chat with daily!

Jiahwei's gna meet up with lilian and me, maybe wenhui the week after next week which is next next week. HAHA.
Should be lah, but haven't decided where to go or what to do.

3/9 3/9 3/9
I don't like some of the people there! ):
And i have to tahan for like, 2 years?!
Just read joey's blog and i just remember we're gna have p.e lessons in the afternoons starting from next year onwards.
*shakes head*

Hahaha, scared you?
Got this from xiaxue's blog. :D
Avril lavigne without make up! She looks really old suddenly but she still has nice hair though.
There are still other artises who look different without make up.
Searched in google and found out cameron diaz was one of them.

I'm off to play o2jam! :D
Have not touched o2jam for quite awhile so, it might feel ancient. xD

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