Monsoon's finally over. :D It's been raining non-stop ever since sunday. So now it's sunny sunny! Along with glorious blue ski...

Monsoon's finally over. :D
It's been raining non-stop ever since sunday.

So now it's sunny sunny!
Along with glorious blue skies.

Went to cut my hair on Monday and everyone can't tell the difference after and before cutting.
Nvm, i'd rather let it be like that than having it too short.
Unlike vivien, hers is too short.
I felt so guilty alright?! It was me who wanted her to come along, so now i can't do anything else but tell her how bad i felt.
I'm not gna cut my hair for the next 6 months cos i want it to growwww.

I want to get birthday gifts for people but i'm short of buckoos!
Sad, but nvm, there'd be gifts for ME, so i shan't fret.

Went to downtown east to for joelyntan's chalet yesterday.
And yes, when i was walking there, spotted joelyn and her guy in the xbox room.
I slapped her ponytail and said OI! but she didn't respond, ok..nvm.
So i had to sit in anthr chair and stare at her, thennnnnnn she realise i was there.
dumb, and she didn't even like, hello or blah. -___-''

So, walked towards burgerking to meet alicia and she told me she spotted joelyn too.
I was in utter shock when she told me no one was in the chalet except for us.
I thgt lilian was gna be there or smth but everyone turned up the day before.
. ... .... . . ... . .. . .

Ended up asking for the room number so that we could probably do smth there at least.
She told alicia it was 3201 at K block.
But there wasn't a room with the number 3201 there.
So we called joelyn and i asked her what number it was, again.
And i heard her say it was 3201...
Alicia and i went to search for a room closest to the number, 2310 i think? (can't rmb!) and stood there. Didn't want to knock on the door.. later wrong one die ah.
Called joelyn again but she bloody never pick up the phone so we stood there like statues and called xiuwei to ask her if she knew what number it was, but nvm, she didn't pick the phone up either.
Then finally, someone opened the door, it was joelyn's bro and his friends.
Like, yay finally!
We've been standing outside the door of the room we're suppose to enter all along.

Her dad was there and he was really nice, offering us drinks and snacks.
Only ate the snacks but didn't drink anything, felt so bad eating up all of their resources. ><

Joelyn's cousins came and we played Er Shi Yi dian(21). Didn't know how to play at first. xD
Hahaha. Her cousins were really cute! :D
Then more of Joelyn's relatives came and we felt awkward there so we left cos we weren't part of the family.
Family business ya know?(:

Went to sit at somewhere near watsons and talked about stuff.
Gossips, bitchings, plain talking, you name it we talk it. Haha.
Yeah, so this was somewhere where we sat.

Nice eh? The colours are nice.

Took pictures of santa claus coming down from his sleigh and up the rope from the chimney.
It's just a dummy, but he looks so real.

Action packed Santa Claus! :D :D :D

And i blew a balloon when i was in the 2310 or whatever number room. (:
One of the little boys gave it the balloon to me. :D
Alicia took a picture with it. She's trying to shoot the balloon.

Lol, advertising Macs' happy meal.

I am afraid of balloons bursting all of a sudden!
Scares the intestines out of me.

While sitting there, HelloKitty and friends came out and started to dance for us!

Sorry, they're kind of blurrrrr. =/

Left dte at arnd 7 cos there was simply nth for us to do. (ok, maybe dancing with the hellokitty clan, yes.)
Thanks a lot joelyntan for leaving us to do nothing.
But your cousins are way more entertaining. (:

Oh and you must read this entry from xiaxue!

I really want to watch a movie somehow!
Anyone wants to catch one with me?

Can't wait to catch Part1 of ProjectRunway's Finale tonight! :D

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