Name 24 people on the top of your head randomly : 1. Bro 2. Lilian 3. Vivientan 4. Yuanyun 5. Joelyntan 6. Rebeccatan 7. Alicia 8. ...

Name 24 people on the top of your head randomly:
1. Bro
2. Lilian
3. Vivientan
4. Yuanyun
5. Joelyntan
6. Rebeccatan
7. Alicia
8. Jolene
9. Ms yee
10. Sheryl Woon
11. Vanessa liew
12. Yi jie
13. Xin yan
14. Ngyuting
15. Natalie
16. Wenhui
17. Grace chew
18. Vivien phua
19. John
20. Jiahwei
21. Jonathan Seet
22. Abel
23. Wilson
24. Chee hwee

Now for the questions:
) Is 9 single? (MS YEE)
She's getting married! :D

2) Would you date 20? (JIAHWEI)
Holy crap, definitely. Kidding.

3) Is 17 a guy/girl?(GRACE)

4) Has 15 and 2 ever dated? (NATALIE & LILIAN)

5) Are you older/younger than 3? By exactly how many months/years?younger..(VIVIENTAN)
Younger, damn! =/
I'm 5 months younger, but i'm TALLER.
teeheheheeeeeeeeeeee. :D:D:D

6) Have you ever seen 7 naked? (ALICIA)
How i wish i could.

7) Where does 19 live? (JOHN)
Pasir Ris, I guess.

8) When was the last time you saw 2? (LILIAN)
I just saw her.... pictures in her blog. HAHAHA

9) Ever watched a movie with 5? (JOELYNTAN)
Yeah! I think it was the Corpse bride.. right joelyn?!

0) How tall is 23?(WILSON)
Bloody tall. 1.8m blahblah.

11) Do you love 16? (WENHUI)
Yes yes yes! Hahahahaaaaa.

12) Do you go to the same school as 14? (YUTING)
Of cos! xD

13) Have you ever had classes with 11? (VANESSA)
Aww, no. She's my cousin and in poly right now.
I think i'll die if i ever have classes with her, HAHA.

14) Where was 21 born? (JONATHAN)
Singapore, singapore, singapore!

15) Have you ever hugged 18? (VIVIENPHUA)
Never! She'll think i'm mad if i just hug her randomly! xD

16) What's 8's middle name? (JOLENE)
She doesn't have a middle name but it shld be Goldfish!
Jolene Goldfish Ang Neng Hua! :D:D:D

17) Is 13 a nice person? (XINYAN)
No cos she's way better in me in studies and pipa.

18) Would you rather 1 die, or you die? (BRO)
Why shld i die?! So of cos 1 die lah. xD

19) Is 4 older than you? (YUANYUN)
NONONO! :D I'm older, of cos. (:

20) Would you kiss 24? (CHEEHWEE)
Hell, yes! Ok, i'm kidding.

21) Have you ever swum with 16? (WENHUI)
Nahhhhhh. I'd try to drown her. ):

22) When's 10's bday? (SHERYL)
2nd of November 1992, i know my facts!

23) Have you been to a party with 19 or 17? (JOHN/GRACE)
I've been to a party with grace! 2/9's bbq!
I'm too scared to go partying with john cos he's too pervertic.

24) Are 22 and 24 good friends? (ABEL/CHEEHWEE)
Nahhh, but they're classmates!

25) Will 3 and 7 make a good couple? (VIVIENTAN/ALICIA)
DUH! They are like the best couple lah! I know they kiss all night.

26) Has 15 ever given you a bday present? (NATALIE)
Aww, no!

27) How long have you known 13? (XINYAN)
2 years! :D And that's long, we should get married!

28) If 5 and 19 were drowning, who'd you save? (JOELYNTAN/JOHN)
Let them both drown and die. WAHAHAHA!

29) Will 2 be willing to kiss 6? (LILIAN/REBECCA)
Yes! Lilian loves kissing what. :D

Seeeeeeee Lilian? I did this quiz for your sake! You wanted me to do it right! SO, NAH, SATISFIED?! :D

And btw, i edited this thingy many times cos this post came out invisible. ><

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