Was out the whole day today! And my parents are happy that i actually went out with them cos i usually stay at home and just stare at the co...

Was out the whole day today!
And my parents are happy that i actually went out with them cos i usually stay at home and just stare at the comp.

Ok, so today was vanessa and justin's baptism at City Harvest Church which is all the way to jurong west. Damn it! so far.
Yeah, so everyone was wearing white (i wonder why white?! can see bra for girls leh! and nipples for guys!).
Stood under the bloody hothothot sun and watched the pastor say some things and then let them fall back into the swimming pool.
Yes, it's a swimming pool where they got themselves baptised.
Was kind of happy for my cousins. :D

Saw Liting there, but didn't say hi or anything.
Yeah, and guess what?
Lilian, you'd be screaming for joy when i tell you who i saw.

Irwin. yesyesyes, irwin.
I don't say ***, i say IRWIN.
Hahaha, i bet your hair's standing lah.

Spotted him with his mom, i think?
Dunno and don't really care.
He was all in black and his hair's blacker and it's flat.
Wanted to take pictures of him as proof that i saw him but i didn't bring my cam along!
Dang! Of all days, i had to forget to bring it today.
Shatsz! ):

Then went to suntec city!
Yeaaaaaap and bought a ticket to enter The Singapore Garden Festival.
Omggggggggggggg, i tell you, the flowers there are bloody beautiful.
Seeeeeeeeeeeeee, of all days i had to forget to bring my camera.
I deserve a good smacking.
Nvm, I shan't think of it.
So anw, the flowers are like, totally gorgeous and really rare.
Some can't be found in s'pore, like tulips!
And the way the designers arrange the landscapes are totally professional.
Really awesome.
And you can smell the flower's scent. Nice!
Once you enter the convention hall, you can alr smell the scent!
:D :D :D
Luckily i followed my parents. (:
So you really must go see those flowers.
Colourful. :D

Not sure if i'm going pulau ubin tmr. =/ It's a pipa grp outing with the teacher, not the china doll.
I want to go, but xinyan's not gg! ):

Then i think i'm gna cut hair on monday, i think so?
But like, my hair's short so like there's almost nothing to cut but i don't like the style!
It's been what, 5 months since i last cut my hair?
But my hair's like not growing! ): ):
So shld i cut? I dunno mannnnnnnn.

And then joelyn's chalet's on monday to tuesday, have to miss the first day.
I really want to stay overnight! but alicia and yuanyun may not be able to! ><
get to see joelyn's bf at her chalet, then can monitor him!

Ohya, cg's like officially over this year!
Yay! :D:D:D
But then it's tough training next year.
Next year..................... wahlao! i really don't want school to like, start so soooooooooon.
In, let's see? Half a month more days to go?!
That's so fasssssssttttttt.
That's why i'm not looking forward to christmas cos after that, school will be starting so soon.
So fugging annoying. Ugh!

12am alr!
Got to wake up early tmr so chao!

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