How I look when I'm gonna go get a bath in hall. Hahaha, it's my first time wearing that headband thingy, secretly judging ...

The start of it all!


How I look when I'm gonna go get a bath in hall.
Hahaha, it's my first time wearing that headband thingy, secretly judging myself.

Anyway, don't I look happy?!?!?!
Coz I ammmm!!! I just got the *important news* and it concerns my FYP. The search has finally come to an end.

I don't know if I talked about it here before, but long story short, in December, our profile pulled out. Which means that the person whom we wanted to feature in our documentary pulled out. That was devastating because it meant that we were left with nobody to feature and crunch time for filming was supposed to be in December. With nobody to shoot, it rendered us with nothing and we were back to square one.

Do you know how terrifying that was? Because everybody else had been filming and getting their things done. But us, we had to scramble once more and search for another profile.

I tell you, the past 2 months have been agonising. Plenty of waiting, plenty of rejections, plenty of mind torture basically. Fucken gruelling I tell you. Now I know there are at least 2 forms of stress - one is when you are too full of things to do that you feel overwhelmed, while the other mental stress is feeling helpless while being idle through days and days of waiting. The latter was what we've been going through the past two months. And it didn't help when everyone in school we met would ask, "eh how's FYP" and it was just depressing to have to retell the story 10,000 times, then meet shocked and pitiful faces.

But then again, it kinda helped coz after the 5,000th time, you just feel kinda numb. And we stopped really panicking anymore and had a single-minded focus to get things done. There was that phase when we did feel scared and worried and all that stuff, but we knew we had to get over it to get things done.

So today, I'm glad to say that we are at least able to start working on something now. My freakin god, I swear it was just... wow. I've imagined this day a thousand times, just replaying how the day when we finally secure a profile again would feel but didn't wanna play it too much lest I feel devastated by rejections.

Right now, we can finally start work proper on our documentary *cries* *cries even more*

FYP Deadline - 1st April (April Fools'.. what a cruel joke D; )

We seriously have not much time left anymore. This is only the beginning, the work has gotta go full force now. Like fur realz. Which is why February is the time for real stuff to go DOWN. March as well.

I'm thankful for the physical rest I got at the end of 2014 and start of 2015 - I managed to meet up a lot of my friends and caught up so I'm happy. I'm keeping up with my New Year's Resolution. Even my running has been consistent. Only last week when I only jogged once because... I was slightly sick. I really had a cough ok! And still do, with yellow phlegm ugh.

Now, school and I will be having a rather romanticised relationship. Be it the Tango or Waltz, we're gonna make it onstage.

We gon' make it.

p/s (cue Instagram) Jane Goodall's speech today was inspiring... So much warmth and kindness in her. I especially like how she described the support her mother gave her in her early years, which helped develop her interest in animals and encouraged her to always do more. A lot of female empowerment.


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