I am aware that this blog will experience a sudden increase in visitors because NTU Openhouse was just yesterday and those who want to know...

All you ever want to know about NTU WKWSCI


I am aware that this blog will experience a sudden increase in visitors because NTU Openhouse was just yesterday and those who want to know about the brilliant school that I'm currently in now, will be mad googling away.

You have come to the right place my dear friends coz I will be dedicating this entire post to my school and all prospective students of Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information.

It is my final year in this school. And this is the school that has helped tremendously in honing, developing and maturing me the past close-to-four years.

This post, shall be my final act of helping to put my school out there in the spotlight, while I am still relevant as a student. I've been doing this the past 2 years already and I am more than willing to promote WKWSCI and answer all the questions that you'd ever want to ask about my school. I'm thinking of putting up an ask.fm board soon so wait up for it!!!

I dare say I am the proudest member of my school and want as many people interested in Communication Studies to witness the magic for themselves, which I have the past 4 years :')

Before I link you up to the blog posts that I've written about some of the questions past passersby have asked, let me just introduce myself again:

My name is Si Hui and was given the endearing name of "Stingz" in my freshmen year at Wkwsci. Nobody ever knows my real name now and this nickname has stuck with me for 4 long years. I am now a final year student majoring in Journalism/Broadcast. Currently producing a documentary for my Final Year Project (FYP).

Before NTU, I was an Arts student from TPJC and my A levels results were AAB/C. My combination was Math, Econs and History (H2) and Chemistry (H1). I got a B for GP - a minimal grade to get into WKWSCI. (Oh thank god I got a B) Project Work was a B and well, Mother Tongue was an E (sigh).

The minimal score I've heard in my cohort would be a BBB. So I pray that whatever results you got, I hope you'll get into WKWSCI : ) And anything above that, don't worry, your place at my school is secured. (btw, there is no 'interview' test. admission is based on scores. even during my time)

Naturally, my first choice was NTU WKWSCI. I had known this from the very beginning when I was in JC that I wanted to get into this school. The only other school I applied for was NUS FASS, which I got accepted too. But of course, my heart was set on my one and only - one true love, Wee Kim Wee.

Throughout my 4 years, I have done and experienced so many things that I seriously never would've imagined before I entered this school. Right when I was in YOUR shoes, I was just a blur cock, never really thought about ooh what'd happen to me 4 years later. Now, as I look back, I say wow wow wow, what a great school life it has been. STILL IS, because it hasn't ended just yet.

Here's a track record of my 4 years of schooling in my first angmoh-pai school -

Year 1: Participated in Freshmen Orientation Camp (best camp ever) + loads of Freshie activities. I was also staying in Hall 3 and did a lot of hall activities in my first year too.

Year 2: 
(semester 1) Became an Orientation Group Leader (leading Sioux was awesome and I made great GL friends. Still the strongest group after 2 years ok)

+ Participated in the first ever WKWSCI Overseas Community Project to Laos. An ad-hoc started up by my senior and OGL.

(semester 2) Overseas Exchange Programme for 6 months to New Zealand (not mandatory but highly recommended because I believe I matured rapidly due to this)

Year 3: 
(semester 1) Leader of the second WKWSCI Overseas Community Project. (never thought I'd chair something like that, but it gave me a taste of what leading a project would be like)

(semester 2) Internship for 6 months at Channel NewsAsia (my dream work company - it was a dream come true for me)

Year 4:
(semester 1) Selected to be part of video team in Go-Far to Sweden (Going Overseas for Advanced Reporting) - gave me so much opportunities and confidence in video-making.

(semester 2) That's right now! Final Year Project producing a documentary : )

In a few more months.... This coming August, GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

4 years just whizzed by man, seriously, so enjoy your time while you're at it!

As promised, some of the useful links to posts that I've written in the past. Hope they help with some of your questions in mind!

Practical knowledge about WKWSCI (written by school for Openhouse 2013):
What to study in WKWSCI + Job prospects 
Travel Opportunities

Everything else below, written by yours truly~

Tagboard Q&A:
5 burning questions about WKWSCI's students
How to Hack into WKWSCI Part II

My 4 years of experiences: 
Camp experience (video)
First OCIP Trip to Laos
Going on exchange alone to New Zealand
In preparation for second OCIP Trip
Producing an episode for Channel NewsAsia
Go-Far 2014

Tryna think of what pics to put but I guess the length of my hair is the best representation of how I evolved throughout my time in WKW.

Pre-Uni TPJC middle-of-dunno-what-length hair face

Year 1 past shoulder-length hair freshie face

Year 1 sem 2 in-preparation-for-GL face

Year 2 sem 2 New Zealand long flowy hair face

Year 3 ex-Mediacorp intern short pixie crop act-rebel face

Current final year spastic bob hair face

Hair Chronicles lol.

This is just a little summary of it. For more, I permit you to rampage my archivessss~~~ my troubled past EXPOSED HAHHAAH. Kidding, I don't think I had no troubled past so feel free to get on with it. But seriously, my past 4 years of me writing in this blog has largely been about school, so... it provides a bit of insight. That's only if you've the time to invest in this girl's blog~

Stick around with me coz I'm nearing the end of my journey in WKWSCI.... It has been a long ride, definitely not smooth sailing. I experienced it all - blood sweat and definitely tears. But for the most part, great memories with amazing friendships forged.

As for you... this post is titled, "All you ever want to know about NTU WKWSCI". Truth is, you will never know WKWSCI till you experience it yourself. Your journey has yet begun. I merely showed you what is to come, but they were all my experiences. YOU will be carving great memories for yourself and I truly am excited for each and every one of you. You don't even knowwww.

Don't worry too much about the uncertainties of the coming 4 years, because that's the fun of it all - it unravels on its own. If you asked me 4 years ago, I'd never imagine to be where I am right now. Making a documentary? Hell no! It has been a joyride, one that I want to remember for as long as I can.

I wish the same for all of you...

Be bold. A new phase of your life awaits~ Adventure is out there!!!!!

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dion said...

Hello! I'm Dion, a junior from WKW :) your blog posts are really enlightening and enjoyable to read haha!! I would like to ask you more regarding exchange in overseas university, do bear with me :D

1. What ahould I consider when I think about which country to go for an exchange?

2. Which are the universities that have courses available for matching with NTU WKW modules (I've heard of WKW seniors going to Sweden, US, and not so much of Japan, Spain)

3. Will going to the universities in the US/Canada be better for WKW students since these countries are supposedly more established in the field of broadcast communications?

Thank you so much and I wish you all the best in all your upcoming endeavours! JIAYOU JIAYOU 👍🏻

Tan Si Hui said...

Hey Dion,

I think I may not be the best person to ask because for me... I chose going to New Zealand, simply because I wanted to LIVE in New Zealand haha. I think you should first decide personally, which place you'd like to go to. Which country you'd like to see the sights and understand its culture. I usually find that more important than whether you can clear certain mods or not. I mean the whole thing about exchange is about immersing yourself into another culture and have an opportunity to live abroad! Don't let those mods things be the priority :)

I believe a lot of countries have courses that match wkw mods. Hmm, Korea as well. US definitely. You must check whether they have a communications school first then it should be easier to match! As for myself, I did more elective mods overseas!

With regards to US/Canada, I think Canada should be better. Then again, I really don't know coz I never went to those countries.

I don't think I helped very much with this hahaha I was not the typical wkw student who wanted to clear mods overseas. But if you would like to clear more mods overseas... I think you just have to be strategic. I think the only reason you'd want to do that is if you think you can't clear those mods in time in Singapore. Otherwise... I think it's fine if you don't match 3 or more courses. I only matched one haha. :)

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