@Southern Ridges (Kent Ridge & Telok Blangah Hill & Mount Faber) @Vivocity & Keppel Bay Island & Labrador Park I met Jas...

And so it begins! Grad Trip Series Day 1


@Southern Ridges (Kent Ridge & Telok Blangah Hill & Mount Faber)
@Vivocity & Keppel Bay Island & Labrador Park

I met Jasmine at Kent Ridge Park yesterday. She lost her way and I lost my way but we eventually found each other HAHAHA.

So we started at Kent Ridge Park. We had great weather at 9 before it started to pour at 12 and drizzle the entire day afterwards. Made our way to Telok Blangah, walked via Alexandra Link Bridge to Mount Faber, Henderson Waves.

It then started to pour again so we sought shelter at Vivocity. Window shopped despite being smelly and all. Then off to Labrador Park we went.

All the time from morning till the end of our trek, we kept seeing this!

That's Reflections behind us, the luxury waterfront condominium at Keppel Bay.

All throughout our hike, we saw it. At Henderson Waves, we saw it. At the top of Mount Faber, we saw it. WE KEPT SEEING IT THROUGHOUT THE DAY. I dunno why I never noticed it before.. maybe coz I always thought it was office space. But, when I was told people actually LIVED in them, I was just like, what the... heck man.... Surely nobody can live in that STUNNING 21ST ARCHITECTURAL THING!??!

And when Jasmine suggested walking into Keppel Island, I was like, oh ok, yeah why not. Then Jasmine retracted and went against it coz we weren't dressed appropriately. I was like ah, who cares let's just go! Not knowing that I'D BE GREETED BY REFLEXXXIONSSS ONCE AGAIN. RIGHT IN MY FACE. Full view.


I'm such a sucky blogger coz I didn't take a photo of it but wtf when I saw Reflections right ahead of me with the many yachts floating and the Carribean apartments lined up alongside it... I was gobsmacked I tell you. Like GOB BLOODDYY SMACKEDDD.

It's just... unbelievable. And Jasmine and I kept talking about how we cannot imagine how people can be living in such apartments blahblahblah. Like the whole place was just screaming out loud I.AM.WEALTHY.WHILE YOU PEASANTS ARE STINKIN UP MY PRIME LAND. GET OFF. OTHERWISE MOW MY LAWN. OR IN THIS CASE. DRIVE MY YACHT. THEN AGAIN. YOU'RE FILTHYING MY BEAUTIFUL YACHT SO. WHY DON'T YOU JUST F OFF ONCE AGAIN.

We even saw an ah beng yacht that was called "Chiobu". Like the yacht was called chiobu. It literally had its name printed in Comic Sans Bold on the rear of the yacht. Wahlau, I'm judging you leh wealthy ah beng! Right down to the choice of font.

Jasmine wanted to pee at one point (not coz it was a reaction from seeing the exuberant lifestyle of these crazy ass rich people) The Marina was close by but we were damn paiseh to walk inside. Then a service staff there was like, "nvm, just walk inside. it's at the lobby it's ok!"

Damn, we felt like peasants I tell ya. Hahahhaaha.

But we ain't daunted. One day we'd be partying it up right there. Hahaha nah, just kidddinnn. I've never had the desire to live in or own any of those things. I'd feel more like I'm staying at a hotel more than anything.

Anyway, after that we continued our walk to Labrador Park where we got lost for a good 15 minutes just tryna find our way to the sea hahah.

And that was that! I had such a.. SUCH A GOOD TREK WITH JASMINE.

I enjoyed catching up with her for the entire 8 hours just talking, walking, snacking and laughing our ass off at the random crap we came up with. We kept lamenting about how it's so tough these days to be doing such things anymore. Catch ups with friends these days are always just a meal somewhere. It was fun indeed. Tiring after walking for hours on end and I had a good sleep after : )

My grad trip just started on a high thanks to Jasmine Wasmeen.

Up next?

Tomorrow's cycling from Pasir ris to Changi Beach with Shreeya my ex-CNA colleague who'd strut down the catwalk at Mediacorp with me and laugh our heads off making others at their desks turn. We run the world at Channel NewsAsia hahahaha. Awesome times.

I hope you'reg etting jealous of my awesome grad trip so far hahahaha oh wait, it's just DAY ONE. MORE TO COME. I'll try to take more pictures. I mean, that's what we're supposed to do as tourists eh?

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