This song needs more views man. Aya&Bambi are the dancers in this video. I'm quite entranced by their style~ old vogue and a li...



This song needs more views man.

Aya&Bambi are the dancers in this video. I'm quite entranced by their style~ old vogue and a lil jap geisha vibe in it.

First heard about them while watching this video below on Facebook.

The first minute. Just. Wow.

So damn on point at every beat. Like how is that even possible.
I would love to say that I love both of them, but the one on the left is better. She is so in-sync and that look on her face... intense. I believe that's Aya. So cool.

I did a little google search after I found out about them and guess what? They're engaged to one another. Yes, they're lesbians. Not very surprising though... no wonder they make such a duo and are so in-sync with one another. Even though I think Aya's better, this kinda dance style.. I think you can't just watch one person do it. It's the fact that both of them are so on point together that makes it mesmerising to watch. And you can't have white people do this dance. It just has to be Asian lololol. Deathly stare, with our so called slanty, slitty eyes that Westerners believe we have. We do it best lah, no one can take that away. And no one can dispute that silky black straight hair. That hairdo. They pull it off, only the both of them can make that hair cool.

Every time I watch dance, it makes me wanna pick up dancing again. It was my CCA in primary school and it was practically my life then too - took part in SYF twice (pri 3 & 5). Then there was a celebratory school drama performance, which needed dancers as well when I was pri 6. First time in EPPS. My mom dissuaded me to take part in that one coz it was PSLE year but I really loved performing so.. no one could tell me what not to do lawl. At the same time, when I look at dance, I feel like I'm too old to pick it up again. Like no energy. No agility. And no memory power for the steps involved. And counting. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. Fun though once you get the choreography right. But I think when I was young, dance was merely about executing the moves and making sure the blocking was right. Blocking was such a pain for the choreographer coz kids, we don't understand why spacing is so important. Till we watch it as a member of the audience and realise why it is. Now, when I watch good dancers, I feel like knowing how to groove to the beat spontaneously with the choreography is also important? I think that's why sometimes watching Americans dance can be so entertaining cos they're really groovin' it out man. No inhibitions whatsoever. Whereas over here... dancing can be a little too static and slightly uncool hahahaha.

That's why I'd love to pick it up again because it'll make you so comfortable with your own body... Right now, I think I'll just look damn awkward dancing. And my stature, a bit too tall, the CG is off bahahaha. So much confidence needed!!

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