My prettaye frend hellluuuu Huiquan! Met her yesterday with the intention of exploring abandoned Neo Tiew estate. But.. guess what....

Kovan + Grad Trip Day 3


My prettaye frend hellluuuu Huiquan!

Met her yesterday with the intention of exploring abandoned Neo Tiew estate. But.. guess what. I was tired so we met up at Kovan instead for dinner hahahaha. Direct bus straight to the heartland.

We will definitely explore somewhere together next week.


Today, a special guest of honour came along with me on my third day of my graduation trip.

Drum rolls pleaseeee....

Ok I'm gonna save you the lame agony. He is none other than.... my old dad! The first man I've ever loved :')

He knew I was going on this grand excursion around Singapore and the first one to get excited about it. Every time, he'd be asking where I'm going and giving extra tips and trix about the places and what I can do etc. etc. so funny.

Today he took leave just to head out with me! Although I never express gratitude in front of my parents, I hope they know that I'm always touched by these gestures. As typical Asians, we don't show or express our appreciation freely. But I tell ya, deep deep deeeeep down, we all know how much we care for one another. Well, at least I hope they DO realise that I do care. tho i can be the brattiest kid in the house bahahahaha.

Grad Trip Day 3 - Hay's Dairies Goat Farm > Drove around Kranji > Sugei Buloh Wetland Reserve

My dad was like my personal tour guide as he drove around Kranji, telling me things about what he used to do when he was younger at Kranji etc. Sometimes I forget my parents were once young and fit and have done way more fun things in life than we might have.

Tasted Goat's Milk after many many manyyy years. I remember drinking goat's milk a long time ago and I thought it had a funny taste to it coz well, goats have this strong pungent smell. I dunno why. It's like the cows ain't no smellin' like that man, but goats? Fooyoooooh. They need some of that Chanel 101 bruh. I guess that's why a lot of people can't stand the taste of mutton. Apparently though, goat's milk is way healthier and leaner than cow's milk. Wonder why. I mean they're all cattle to me, but God decides to make one milk better than the other.

It's funny how as a kid, everything seemed so fascinating and huge. But now, everything's not as. I guess a change in perspectives comes with age.

- Pictures of our walk around Sungei Buloh.

Yes, it was a walk, not even a trek or hike. It was that laidback. It was just one round around the wetlands. Humid after the rain and quite a fair bit of mozzies. But my dad entertained as he talked and talked about what it was like when he brought my bro and I around when we were kids. How fascinated we were when he took a magnifying glass out that one time and with the sun rays, burnt leaves. We started using the lens to burn every single thing in our way hahahaha ants, leaves whatever. A lot of things are hazy in my recollection but that memory didn't seem too unfamiliar.

It was a nice hour-long walk with my dad. It isn't the migratory bird season right now so we couldn't see many birds. We did spot many spiders along the way though and at least one iguana/monitor lizard/ whatever you call it, can't really tell the diff haha.

I must admit though that I wasn't super impressed with Sungei Buloh. Wasn't much to see, and it was just a short little round the island trail. Maybe it's coz I'm an adult. Saw many primary school kids over there who were getting themselves educated about the wetlands.

Nevertheless, it was good father-daughter bonding : ) Helps that there's a car. I mean... Pasir ris to Kranji is no joke yo.

Tomorrow? Sunset way with Sarah and Bus rides with Taahiraaaaa booyaaa. It's gonna be a grad trip to remember ; )

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