Ok so I made it!!! I'm in Burma, Myanmar :') I was met by a Burmese whom I bonded with for 45 minutes during a taxi ride to the o...

This is not Singapore


Ok so I made it!!! I'm in Burma, Myanmar :')

I was met by a Burmese whom I bonded with for 45 minutes during a taxi ride to the office.
Met my boss, then went to my apartment.

There were 2 double deckers = 4 beds. I asked the person who escorted me who else stays here, and he says... Nobody.


Omg... I felt the sudden loneliness lol.

And I think I was really tired from the night before coz of the lack of sleep and the sudden realisation that I will be cooped up in a place all alone and the fact that I felt really lonely made me go crazy leh. I started to ask myself wth are you doing man?! Why couldn't you just find a proper job in Singapore?! Why are you putting yourself through this??!! Etc etc. But I started to calm down and put a bedsheet over my mattress and the next thing I knew.. I was fast asleep ahha.

The next thing, I woke up and it was 6:30pm local time (Myanmar is 1 hr 30 mins behind SG time) and I was kinda hungry but I didn't dare to step outta my house.

But.. but I needed wifi.

So I went to my company (which is just 50m away) and here I was yesterday,

What belied that smile was fear and loneliness LOLLLL.

But ok lah, after telling everyone back in SG that I was alive in Myanmar, I felt less lonely.
My boss also offered a mango (huge and xtremely juicy) and a pack oreos to me so not so bad lah hor.

Right now, I'm in the office... and I've been reading stuff all day long, I'm so tired, I really just wanna go to sleep again hahaha. Can't wait for the New Zealander intern to come tomorrow so I'll have some company~~~ My Burmese colleagues seem nice but a bit shy hahaha. I believe I will be able to speak with them better as the days and months go by. They can speak English lah just shy I guess? Or I guess I'm a new girl also so it takes time.

So scary!!! AHHH, but ok, one step at a time.

I will only be able to blog when I'm at my office. Hopefully in the days to come I still have time to sneak a post ; )

See y'all lata~~ wish me luck~~~ Will do a room tour for you guys~~~ I've no mirror~~ Using my iPhone front camera for now hahah

p/s reason for my post title: my colleague asked me to leave the light on outside my apartment at the doorway. and I'm like why? "coz people will throw rubbish at your doorstep." I'm like huh? why? "people just throw rubbish sometimes coz they don't know. this is not Singapore."

well, first culture difference there you go. my boss even said someone peed there before so I had better leave the light on.

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