1st of August @ The Projector Retro bar Filament crew - hardworking receptionists right there hahaha Ushers of the day who...

Filament 2015


1st of August @ The Projector

Retro bar

Filament crew - hardworking receptionists right there hahaha

Ushers of the day who are also wkw juniors
I got some of their names that day.

This year's Filament showcase is the first one that features multimedia works and so, we came up with the idea of having laptops for guests to view the websites before and after the multimedia presentations.

It was good to see people fully utilising and toggling with the laptops.
 I really like the last photo coz it's the WKW Chair totally engrossed in one of the sites hahaha.

And so, the showcase began.

There were 3 multimedia presentations and a Q&A session after each one of them.
Each team talked about their idea conceptualisation and what went on behind the scenes. It was great hearing how the audience was interested to find out what'd happen to their works beyond FYP. I mean, the whole purpose of these works is to go beyond just FYP.

Glad all went smoothly because technical difficulties was the number one worry on my mind. And also, afraid the audience'd be bored by the presentations. But I guess, the stories spoke for themselves and am proud that people enjoyed the first round of presentations. Good job to the 3 teams.

If you wanna have a look, here are the links to the 3 multimedia projects. Strongly encourage you guys to have a look. I know how much sweat and blood my friends put into these projects. They're bloody awesome too. I'm lazy to tell you guys what they're about as well so just have a look at them for yourself.

My Name is Sherpa and I Am Not a Climber (http://www.iamnotaclimber.com)
Death Is __ (http://www.deathis.sg)

Shortly after, it was intermission and fooooood

Always a good way to get people mingling!

My FYP group with social worker, Shirlinda, who worked with us in our project : )

bahahah I can imagine Luna's laughter just by looking at this photo.

Then it was back to round 2 of Film Screenings.

Here was the Q&A session.

Yes, I was the emcee.
It is always difficult to get Singaporeans talking. So I had to do a lot of coaxing and a few dialogues going to start the ball rolling.

Everyone was very impressed by Kai Wen's project, which is a solo project. Even I am impressed by him and how he managed to pull it off as a one-man show. Check it out at, 

The Disappearing Hills (http://www.disappearinghills.com)

As for my FYP project, well, if you missed Filament, you really won't be able to catch it anywhere else hehhhh. Unless you so happen to attend film festivals that our film has been selected at haha.

Special thanks to my lovely FYP group for the past one year and for pulling off Filament together, we did it, girls. A special shoutout to Amelia for leading this with me : )

And here's a thank you and goodbye to the broadcast Class of 2015. Talented folks they are and I'm proud to have grown over the 4 years with them. Filament came together because of everyone's help and that's the magic of it all. I honestly don't know if I'll be seeing them all again, because we've all graduated and we'll all be moving on to our various careers..... One thing's for sure though, and that is, I know that WKW folks are a bunch of people who work their asses off to give their very best in whatever they do. That's the work ethic I learnt from my own friends. And I hope it is a work ethic that carries on for the many WKW generations to come.

So Filament has come to an end, and my life as a WKW undergraduate has officially come to a close. What a blast it has been. It feels like an abrupt stop but I believe it is the start of something exciting. Can't wait for us to sprinkle magic to this world : ) Stay close.

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