Yeap, that's sticky chewy chocolate (my favourite) Swensen's ice cream. Right at the heart of Yangon. And then you look at ...

Not so backwarded after all..


Yeap, that's sticky chewy chocolate (my favourite) Swensen's ice cream. Right at the heart of Yangon. And then you look at my face.

The first time I landed and saw a shopping centre, I was already quite surprised. I saw Swensen's but I abstained from it. Last Sunday however, I decided to give myself a nice, sweet treat brouhahahahaha.

It came up to about 6,500 kyats, which would be about SGD$9? Hey that's quite expensive hor come to think about it? Hahahah, but stilllll, I wanted some awesome ice creammmm yum yum yum.

Then last week was a whole week of Myanmar's one and only film festival:

Once again, didn't think Myanmar would host such events~~~

Went every night with my friend and it's in a really lok kok theatre but that's what I liked about it. This whole vintage feels~

The films weren't good at all I have to say. I think Myanmar's quality of films can be improved. Nevertheless, I'm glad to see the festival introduced here.. It encourages the local people to watch as well since it's free. (and of coz as aunty as I can get, FOC means h-a-p-p-y for u and me hahaha)

I also think that the films curated for this film festival can be improved because the international films weren't great either? Ok, maybe I was just unlucky coz I watched the Japanese avant garde films and I swear to god I can't understand abstract films. What's more, the films were damn perverse???? And I hate that kinda nudity/sexual references kinda films like what are you trying to say??? Is it supposed to be artsy? Are you intentionally making it sexual? I'm sorry I just can't.

So yeah~~~

Speaking of film festivals...

What I haven't told you guys about, is this....

Hint: look under "Session 11" and "Movie 2".

I'M HEADING TO SELANGOR (MALAYSIA) this Friday to attend the Freedom Film Festival KOMAS 2015 with Amelia, Sianpei and Zhuoda coz our FYP film got selected wheeee hoooooo!!! And we're all gonna travel there together. Freakin excites lah????

Our film is also in the running for Best ASEAN Film baahhaa, a bit hard ah, coz I saw the plot summary of the other films and they seem pretty dang good~

Yes, I'm gonna fly from Myanmar and I'll meet the rest there. We all took a day off from work for this haha.

And yes, it's also a way for me to renew my visa coz I always have to re-enter Myanmar after 70 days. (that's how long a biz visa lasts)

Can't wait to see me friends again~~ and I'll have something to look forward to over the weekends yay.

I think it's films period in SEA. Coz when I come back from Malaysia (just 3 days) to Myanmar, a European Films Festival will be held in Yangon and I'mma go watch em too. Coz yes, it's free once again HAHAHA. Lucky lucky me. I think this time the films are better curated and produced.

As for life in general, I have officially completed the documentary film I was supposed to produce for my company. Will show you guys when it's uploaded on YouTube or something.

But I am a gone case now. I will have absolutely nothing to do. I dunno whether to enjoy or........... sigh I dunno.

Well I guess I'll have time to plan for me and Sianpei's EPIC SOUTHEAST ASIA WORLD TOUR. Hahahaha 'world' does not go together with 'SEA' but who cares!!!!! It's bloody epic. We're gonna tour around Myanmar for quite a bit coz I seriously think there's so much to see in Myanmar!!!! I want to climb mountains too!!! And soak in her beautiful scenery.

After that, onwards to
Vietnam &

So yeah it's not really the entire SEA lah, coz there's Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei and East Timor. But hey, one step at a time alright before I can conquer the whole damn SEA.

And I'm happy to be able to travel with Sianpei!!!! I think she and I will be great travel buddies. I believe our friendship won't fall out on this trip hahahaha coz we've been through so much shit together - OCIP to Laos twice, FYP - our friendship is tight yo. And just two of us, it's easier to make decisions. Big groups are nastay.

She's flying in on October 28th, which is a public holiday in Myanmar when they'll celebrate with lights and all - so lucky she is - and it is also YUANYUN'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Yuanyun is also coming to visit me on October 2nd and I'll be taking a day off plus the weekends to go to Inle Lake with her hehehehehe. I'm excited woman!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE. Everyone's gonna think you're Korean here!!!

So Sianpei and Yuanyun's birthdays fall in the same birth month as me - October babies so let's celebrate when you guys come ok!!!! I'm so excited already. My two bestest friends in the world coming over :')

Also.. another October baby (lol not really) is my Mom. She's having her big one this year hahaha 60 years old. We can't be with each other on our birthdays but that's alright coz.. my dad and her are COMING TO VISIT ME ON SEPT 26th!!!! My brother can't join coz of work commitments.

All these beautiful people coming to see me... I'm so excited leh. I think my mom and I can celebrate our birthdays together too.... : ) Even though a month earlier haha.

I guess, even though work is mundane, I have people to look forward to haha.

Sadly, I have gotten myself into another emotional turmoil in Myanmar. This time it's Cultural Miscommunication. And I seriously hate being emotional but all these things are affecting me and I get angsty about it. I hardly get emotional in SG but whyyy hereeee. I think culture plays a huge part as well coz I remember getting into a fight with my German friend when I was in New Zealand coz of cultural differences. Twice. But we got over it pretty fast after talking about it. And I think same over here, I will get over this with my local friends. We will tide this through.

Stuff like that seem to happen each time before I fly out of Myanmar eh? Hahaha. Well I guess it's the ebb and flow of life. It peaks at certain points of time. I get comfortable, then I get confused, and then I get angry, and then it's back to comfort, and then the cycle goes on...

One of the lessons I get from travel I suppose. And being bloody alone!!! It's torturous sometimes, even though it sets your mind free and lets you learn about yourself. I have to suffer quite a bit mentally for life to teach me something.

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