So they came to visit me over the weekends and ohhhh I was fed so well. Had two buffets in a day, two dinners with good Chinese and Shan f...

My parents came


So they came to visit me over the weekends and ohhhh I was fed so well.
Had two buffets in a day, two dinners with good Chinese and Shan food. Best meals ever.
And then I stayed in their hotel for two of the three nights.

They also came to see the apartment that I stayed in. At first, they were saying that the conditions were not bad and that they could stay here as well if given a choice. But when I opened the door to where the toilet and kitchenette area was, my dad was like, "ah nononono, lucky we stay at hotel" hahahahahaha.

On the first day, I took them to two temples and Shwedagon Pagoda at night. Shwedagon was still amazing even though I had been there in the morning before. This time, I went at night and it was gorgeous and spectacular. On the second day, I took them to Bogyoke Aung San market, a market that sells trinkets and all touristy souvenirs. After that, just a laid back time, eat shop sleep. The next day, I had work so they had to entertain themselves - had a massage and watched a movie at the cinemas.

On the fourth day, they went home to Singapore.

Then two days ago, my dad sent me an email saying my mom and him had a great time in Yangon. And that... he was proud of me for doing this. Aww... one of the few emotional things that he's written and sent to me.

Compared to my time in NZ, my dad said he missed me more when I'm over here in Myanmar. And truth be told, it is the same for me as well. I always think of myself as independent and I don't need nobody but I do miss my family! I haven't called my parents at all for all the time that I've been here, only whatsapped my mom. And I suppose, it was great for us to spend some time here together. It was fun taking them around even though I got frustrated at one point when they couldn't walk around much and had to rest hahaha (the difference between travelling with the young and old). But I'm happy just being able to talk to them and laugh and chit chat. I've never felt more close to my folks than ever before.

Meeting them gave me renewed energy. Something I need almost every month that I'm here haha. True test of the spirit being alone away from home.

The day that I opened my dad's email, I found myself wandering around the area of my parents' hotel and found secret alleyways that were great shortcuts to places. Dang, could've used those places, I thought. And of course, I found myself contemplating about things while I soaked in the nice stroll that day.

I particularly like this area coz it feels and looks nice, different from the rest of Yangon. Like the first picture feels like Japan eh? And the second, Europe.
Maybe coz there are more expats living there.

Gorgeoussss... loved this moment coz the train was chugging by when I snapped this!!!! And the light... argh, I love the light at sunset time.

Usual stroll at China town hehe.

Myanmar dim sum this morning for breakfast wahahaha!!
Of course, you can't compare the quality of it to the ones in Singapore and I've definitely tried better. But... I had this for just $14 for 3 people.

Ah- ma- zinggggg.

Anyway, as you can see, it's already 1st October. And I've exactly 1 month left in my internship. I can't wait to finish work and start travelling!!!!!!

Yuanyun is coming tomorrow hehe and we're gonna have a short getaway to Inle Lake wheeee hooo!!!! CAN'T WAIT IM SO EXCITED TO TRAVEL!!!!! I managed to get two days of leave haha since there's nothing much to do. And I'd love to take Yuanyun around : ) And... CATCH UP WITH HER!!!!! Can't wait can't wait can't wait.

Yes, travel is a true test of friendship. And I think we'll pass, with flying colours.

Yuanyun, I can't wait to see you!!!!

Oh, with regards to my phone, I just lodged a police report so I can get insurance. But the policemen here are so dodgy and not qualified. All they did was ask when, where and what time it was stolen. Their english is so bad that I wrote the report myself. They just had to stamp on it and sign. Without corroborating the information. Wow. And of course I'm not expecting them to investigate, it's just to get proof. Seriously, the police here... you won't feel safe at all. When I first saw them, they're so languid and passive and practically doing nothing.... I somehow even felt disgusted? Let's not talk about how I even got to the police station. The right one that is. I went to the neighbourhood police, which directed me to the tourism police, which then directed me to the "right" police office. I walked around so much. Aiyoyoyoyoyo, really ah... Myanmar will take a while to reach the standards of Singapore, which I am appreciative of.

But my parents rescued me by delivering my brother's old iphone to me. So that's what I'm using now. But I want to detox myself for a bit and not use it much. I'm using the phone as my watch and for checking fb messages. I'm not activating whatsapp and other things. Even Instagram, I won't be using too much. Only for updating on the places I'll be travelling ;) Which alright, in itself requires a lot of updating. But I wanna control my usage and be less reliant on it. Taking a techno-detox haha.

Alrightey, I'll be back with pictures of our weekend trip!! See y'all in a bit. Hope you guys are having funnnn too. Lay off on your work man.

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