This is the final post where Yuanyun enjoyed all things Yangon haha. Most of them are her pictures here. First things first, I we...

Rangoon Rangoon~


This is the final post where Yuanyun enjoyed all things Yangon haha. Most of them are her pictures here.

First things first, I went to pick Miss Tan Yuanyun up at the airport.
She was so funny, fumbling with her bag at the ENTRANCE of the gate where everyone was coming out. I was just watching her and wondering why my friend is so goondu hahaha.
But I was sooooo excited to see her I swear my heart was beating fast leh really. It was the same when my parents came haha!

And yes, when we saw each other, I ran to hug her awwww it was so good to see a friend!

Soon enough after all the excitement, we took a cab straight to my apartment.

Baahaha flowers I got to welcome her to the Golden Land.

After she left her backpack at my apartment, we went to get some souvenirs at a shop and then straight off to Bogyoke Aung San market where they sold more touristy stuff.

Then Yuanyun wanted to get a longyi and I was like ah yeah, let's get one together!

Here's her and the shoplady who sold us the longyi and teaching Yuanyun how to tie it.
It was reasonably priced at 8,500 kyat each. So round up maybe SGD$10.

After walking around for quite a bit, we walked past St. James Church if I'm not wrong that's what it's called. I've always wanted to go in there, and so I guess it was my turn to play tourist as well. So in we went! And tourist photo spam~~

Macam Europe eh?

Soon after it was back to my apartment to get ready for our trip to Inle Lake~

Lol, we just had to try on our longyis and take a stupid photo bahahahah.

Lunch first before we set off for our epic 11-hour journey~

Here's Faluda, a drink I thought I'd hate. Coz I generally dislike sweet drinks. 
I thought it'd be like bandung but it's more milky and I actually liked it!
There's vanilla ice cream and egg pudding ooooof! So good, so good.

After lunch, this was when we set off for our trip.
You can read the post below this one! Amazing and beautiful place :')

After the 2 days in Inle, we were back in Yangon and Yuanyun and I had one more place in our itinerary before she flew back home.

Shwedagon Pagoda~

I've been here three times already.
Morning, afternoon and night.
This was in the afternoon and initially I was really not interested to go anymore coz I had seen it too many times hahahah. And bloody $8 per entry wahlau eh. Cuz foreigner.
AND I was dead tired after the overnight bus ride. I just wanted to sleep.

But Yuanyun was determined, and what the mind wants, the body relents.

Even though I had already been there several times, this place never seizes to amaze me...

Night time is still the best though. I went there with my parents and it was magical~
Yuanyun was amazed by the nuns so she snapped a shot of them haha. They really are cute I must say...

Our matching longyis!! 
Mine's royal blue while hers in turqoise. Not very obvious. I suppose I should've gotten the purple eh, the make it STRIKING.

Hehe! Thank you for coming to visit me, Yuanyun!

I really like this lattice structure at the Western gate of the Shwedagon : )

All in all, I really enjoyed this trip, albeit a short one.

Travelling with someone truly is a test of your relationship with your travel partner. The decisions and compromises you have to make during the trip, such as deciding what activities to do, etc, can show a lot about the other person's personality. Everyone wants it their way and to be faced with another person all the time for days on end could lead to conflicts.

Yuanyun and I didn't have a booboo confrontation, but by the end of the trip, it's helped us a lot with understanding one another. It really strengthened the bond of our lao-kok 11-year-old friendship!!! (it's insane how long we've been friends for - almost half of our lives)

Something I didn't expect during this trip was how vulnerable I was and could be in her presence. I told her a lot about what I was upset about with myself. And she was there to listen and give moral support. What I appreciated most was the fact that she allowed me to be myself as myself and we were so open with one another that I think that's what any friendship and relationship should be. I found out more about myself through her. Similarly for her as well. We grow stronger together! Yuanyun told me something that left an impression on me, which was: "Even after knowing my flaws, you still accept me as your friend right?" I nodded. And she chirped: "That's the most important thing!"

Damn right it is, because at the end of the day (wow sounds cliche), even after knowing each other's flaws, we are still friends. Having that clarity and sense of awareness is so important.

The past few months being alone here can be tiring and to have her around was just God-sent :') I felt like I was right back at home, and I could talk so easily. Thank you Yuanyun!

Ahhh, how I wish I could go back in time again and have fun doing things. I know I'm really living the prime time of my life now - just travelling with no commitments whatsoever. This really is the best time of my life and I just wanna live it!!!!!

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