Yeap, brand new blog skin, after much procrastination and finally some pushing from one of you hahaha. I finished it in 6 hours last night, ...


Yeap, brand new blog skin, after much procrastination and finally some pushing from one of you hahaha. I finished it in 6 hours last night, in fact 12 am coz I felt like it, and 6 hours was quite fast for someone like me who knows nuts about html. But I think the early years in Secondary School, of toggling around with blogskins when blogger first came out, helped. When I was so fascinated by the internet and how it worked. And blogspot has made it a lot simpler to edit its template and layout.

I really like the new skin now. There's everything there that you can link to - my YouTube channel in the "Video" section, Instagram on the right column and how to contact me. I pondered about letting go my cbox but I just can'tttt because I feel like it helps me to connect easier with readers and whoever who wants to leave a short note. Feels more interactive because it is open and for all to see. Sometimes leaving a comment is troublesome. But if you want more privacy as a user and wanna write longer comments, the "comment" section is definitely there for you and I'll be here to read and reply.

I also like the slideshow of pictures~ I'll replace them every now and then to remind me of the good ol' times and the adventures in my life. Right now they're all pictures of my travels and I'll be sure to replace them with ones at home as well. Actually, I think my whole blog seems kinda travel-ish now coz well, I just came back from travelling so I suppose it has influenced everything a bit.

This change of skin is also representative of me entering a new stage in my life... as student to working adult. Shedding the old for the new. No more 'chickenbackside' hahaha, which makes me wonder why I ever named my blog that in the first place, and no more green and pink tagboard. Things are changing, and it is time. I am a sentimental person when it comes to change and the pain that comes from letting go. But things are temporal, and that is life~

There are still some touch-ups to be done for the new skin. I'm wondering whether it'll be useful if I add some links to my blog entries like the ones for WKWSCI and my travel posts. Tell me if you think I should! Otherwise I won't, to keep it neat and straightforward.


In other new(s)...

Check out my browwwws!
Yes, I am one of those girls who actually cannot give two hoots about my eyebrows and beautifying anything. But after travelling with Sianpei for two months (who couldn't stand the unkemptness of it all), I decided to do something about it. It's not my first time doing it, I've done threading for my eyebrows before - twice in fact - but I always thought I look really fierce with my eyebrows shaped. Also, I only like to do Indian threading and nothing else since they are value-for-money (only $6) and hey, they're experts when it comes to making facial hair look beautiful. Not the Chinese.

So a friend told me an Indian threading stall just opened in the brand new swanky White Sands (it's brand new to me coz remember, I just came back to SG and it's beautiful inside!!!) I had been meaning to do my eyebrows and I only knew a stall at Little India, which is kinda far, but this one was right at my doorstep in Pasir Ris. And of course, I jumped at the opportunity.

Surprisingly, I really liked how the lady boss shaped this pair of brand new brows for me. Every time I look at my face in the mirror, I feel that I look different. Eyebrows make wonders eh? The hairs in my brows are really thin but she shaped them to make them appear thick - nope I didn't draw anything, not like I'd know how to haha. She is wonderful. And what's funny was how I casually asked what else her shop offers. And when I heard 'waxing', I showed her my damn hairy arms and legs and she went "ohhhhhhh wahhhhh I never see Chinese girl so many hair one you know" HAHAHAH, dayum! I tell you, I've a little bit of Indian in me ; ) Yeah gotta do some shavin' and waxin' before Chinese New Year.

The shop's at Level 2 btw : )

Also, I was fooling around with a few of my friends whom I met at Podi, where I waitressed, and it was my first time stepping into the library at White Sands. It is indeed, a piece of modern art and design. Really really nice and I'm proud of where it is today. Hahah hey, much of my secondary teenhood was spent there man so it gave me very fond memories when I hung out there.

I found a book on JK Rowling's Commencement Speech at Harvard University in 2008, and I found this phrase to be so apt.

The second line was powerful. All you need to do is try, otherwise, you haven't lived. Timely for me, since I'm trying out jobs that aren't in my line of work and I wouldn't have thought about trying before.

And the rest of her speech... I couldn't help but concur.
Reminded me of desperate times during the first phase of FYP when my team failed in producing anything. I was stressed. And my family trip to Japan was of me thinking about the project all the time. Sucks to be on holiday when your mind is elsewhere.

But it is through times like these that made me think about how strong I can be. That I can overcome anything... Like how I overcame that mountain in New Zealand. That was me in the first picture you see in the slideshow in this new blogskin. And it is always useful to go back to these moments and remember.

So with this new blogskin, I continue my journey. A good way to reminisce the past and journal the many milestones ahead.

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