Yesterday marked the first week that I'm back in Singapore and it was also my dad's birthday so my extended family and I had a feas...

Taking things slower


Yesterday marked the first week that I'm back in Singapore and it was also my dad's birthday so my extended family and I had a feast. In the days leading up to that, I've met up with two friends and brought a Swiss girl around Singapore.

And guess how I knew her?? It was at the customs checkpoint at the border between Woodlands and JB Central hahaha! Sianpei and I casually asked her if this was the way to the Singapore checkpoint and then we started talking and we brought her out of Woodlands and had dinner with her at 10pm at Little India because well, we were all famished. Thereafter, I decided that since I had nothing to do, I was willing to bring her around Singapore and took this as a chance to rediscover my country as well. But more importantly, I wanted to pass on the kindness that was shown to me throughout my travels by locals. And this was my chance as a Singaporean to show a side of my country : )

Thank God for Tekka Market and Briyani!

Walked from Macritchie Reservoir to Bukit Timah Reserve.
I hadn't seen this part myself, so I was pleasantly surprised! Haha.

A new friend made! :)

Wednesday was the day I realised Singapore was so tiny that all major attractions around the city could be visited by foot. We started at Bugis for Haji Lane, then City Hall, then Fort Canning Park, then Clarke Quay and ended our day at Chinatown. What's more, we started in mid-afternoon... so just imagine how much more can be explored within a day!

Then Thursday, it was Macritchie Treetop to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Sadly, the summit path isn't open on weekdays.

We shared so much about each other's countries and I think I know about Switzerland so much more than ever before! I guess when it comes to making friends, we gotta take chances (even at checkpoints haha) coz we wouldn't know what'd happen~ Switzerland it shall be someday ;)

Later on in the day and Friday, I met Jasmine and Lilian respectively - two friends who were the most excited to hear about my travel stories. Same for me, they were the two whom I myself, so wanted to share my stories with. Because they were deep thinkers, and citizens of the world. My conversations with these two people are my favourite because the thought currents flow endlessly and seamlessly. They are undercurrents as well, because they do not just skim through the surface but dig deep. And I am only glad to be able to share so much of my thoughts and feelings with these two friends, it's pretty damn amazing I must say. I admire and cherish them not only for our friendship but also for the transfer of knowledge, wisdom, insight and perspectives. We have mutual understandings on a multitude of things but not necessarily agree with every single one of them. And there is a comfort in knowing that there is someone out there who thinks deeply and cares deeply about the world we live in, just as I do. I find myself showing my vulnerabilities to them because they are strong-willed people and very non-judgmental. By the end of the day with these two, I often get a sense of empowerment and fulfillment. I think it's important to have these people surround you.. and I am only glad to have them in my life. It helps me sustain my passion and purpose in what I set out to do and I'm sure they share that same feeling as well.

What's interesting is that, they are both the same age as I am. Usually, mature thinkers would be people of well, a mature age. And to demonstrate maturity isn't just about telling people about the things you know. At least, for me. I think it includes the willingness to listen and learn. My friends are growing, just like me, on this journey of life. We talk and listen to each other. Thoughts and ideas bounce off each other. It is an interplay. And that's the beauty of our conversations.

Aside from that, I have to say that I need to slow down a bit though. I intended to give myself the week for a break but I ended up doing too much things. I enjoyed taking the Swiss girl on a tour but I was exhausted by the end of the week.

The repercussions?

I got a bit jaded and down yesterday. I think what added to that, was the fact that I got a new phone and everything seemed to be changing so quickly. I thought things were going too fast for me. And I am a person who needs downtime for things to simmer. I am also a person who moves on quickly, but if I move too quickly, I realise my emotional well-being goes disarray.

The same thing happened when I left Myanmar for Thailand and I had a mental breakdown because I felt like I was moving on too quickly. Similarly, in Singapore, I felt like I haven't had time to properly wind down from my travels. I know that I am now entering a new phase in my life but haven't let that chapter close in a way that I feel it deserves. So I felt miserable yesterday. I am such a nostalgic person.

THEREFORE, to properly conclude it, I have to find an avenue to release all of my experiences. Which is here. On my blog. I have already created a map to show you how we travelled, so hang in there for the incoming of blog entries! Slowly but surely : )

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