I quite much think life is like a leaf or a petal of a flower. People, like leaves, grow on trees that represent the different communit...

Destination: Beginning, End?


I quite much think life is like a leaf or a petal of a flower.

People, like leaves, grow on trees that represent the different communities in the world.

The leaves go on a journey.
In spring, new shoots sprout from branches.
Slowly, they stretch, arms reaching out for the sun.
Aching and wanting, to feel its rays.

"When will I blossom? I long to be big and beautiful for passersby to notice me"

Each day, these leaves and buds ask themselves just that.
And sometimes, excessively.

They worry, and worry, and worry.
Nevertheless, they will grow, and grow, and grow.

Some faster, some slower.
In different shapes and sizes.
Some days are great with the sun,
And some days are bad with the storm and the wind.

Often, they think to themselves:

"I can't take it anymore. When will the rain ever stop?"

But it always does.

Tough ones remain on their branches.
While others, fall to the ground.
Some trampled and some...
gone with the wind~

Seasons come and seasons go.

They blossom their brightest in summer,
when the birds are singing and the skies are brimming.
Happy, radiant, and full.
People notice them and they smile,


Yet, their leaves, and petals start to curl and wither.
In fall, their colours turn a shade of orange and brown.
Some question and wonder what's happening,
while others don't because they know...

That their time has come. To go~

One by one, they break off their branches,
drifting southwards, slowly but surely.
As they do, they look up at all the other leaves,

"I had a good time. Take care, my dear friends"

This is when it is all supposed to end.
But it doesn't.
For leaves start to emerge once more,
at places where other leaves once were.

Trees remain,
Communities grow,
Babies arrive,
and life?

It goes on.


My last day spent in England was a hike. I googled a few places and randomly picked one out of 25 of them. I saw one by the coast. I thought, beautifullll. So there I went, to Hastings!

It's at the south of London and a really hippie place. Not like any place I was in Central London. I could see people who were less put together, maybe because people who live by the sea tend to be a little more stress-free.

A bit like a ghost town

The skies weren't looking so nice. So grey and ugh.

But I kept walking and trying to find the ruins of a castle.

Eventually, I was met with this:

Vast ocean of blue
Seagulls everywhere. Hi.

I was thinking, wah? I reach so fast ah? But I didn't even do any hike leh!

So I opened google maps and I followed some directions that I had saved in my phone. I was supposed to go to a park or something like that.

I ended up going through the entire town and I was like, what the?? Where am I going man. Google maps showing me the wrong way ah?

I felt lost.

Eventually however, I did manage to find the park and I started to walk on the trail.

As I walked along the trail, I then realised that this was the route I was supposed to be taking, cliffs by the sea~

So darn beautiful!!!

As you can see, the skies became blue eventually. So I was super happy while walking!! How lucky was I!!

As I walked along the trail, I went by benches. And benches in Britain are always written with dedications to loved ones who have long gone.

"Never a dull moment"
My heart always feels heavy when I see one. At the same time, passing each one left a reminder. Like milestones teaching me lessons as I walk by.

One particular spot... was my favourite spot.

It was just me, a bench and the vast ocean.

The bench under a tree with sun shining right above
... overlooking a view like this.

I decided to have a rest and contemplate for a while. It had the nicest view and the bench was shaded by the tree. It was as if, the person had chosen to be placed right there. And as if the person was sitting right next to me, forever overlooking the ocean. That was her eternity.

I can't describe to you the kind of peace I had while sitting there.

I noticed a piece of paper nailed to the bench,

"There is another star in the sky tonight. Miss you."

I suppose you can feel what I was going through just sitting there as I stared at the wide, wide ocean.

It was sad, yet a beautiful reminder of the vicissitude of life.

Before I left, I thanked everything around me aloud:


I was renewed.

I didn't want to leave, but I knew I had to, so I carried on.

Then came a face. A brown face. Panting. And curious of me.

Cutie pies!!!
I fell in love with the one that licked me hahaha. (tried to take a nice photo by asking someone but the dogs just couldn't "look at the camera" hahaha)

The dogs there are all happy and healthy!!! Running around so crazily and you can see the light in their eyes!!! Their tails as well... wagging all the time. They're so happy.

Never gonna keep a dog in Singapore. Too hot and cannot anyhow run haha.

I was well on my way to the end of the trail.

So happy : )

When I finally did, I realised,

This was supposed to be where I start my trek.

So my end was the beginning of the hike.

But my beginning had been the end of the hike where the ruins were. I saw a sign that said "Castle" but I didn't believe I had reached it at the start.

The destination? Well, there wasn't one.

And there was no beginning or end. I had paved my own way and found a journey that I enjoyed nevertheless. Even met a Brit on the way who was enthralled by my English. Always happy to let someone know what Singapore is haha.

I was so happy that day, and how could I leave Hastings without trying this?

Best one I've ever eaten in my life!!!!! Thickest fish cod ever. And freshest :')
I mean... it was by the ocean man. You can't not try fish and chips when you're somewhere by the ocean.

I remember asking a British couple if they knew the best shop in town since there were SO MANY shops selling fish and chips. Turned out they were also exploring their own country and it was their first day in town. Helped me check tripadvisor. Made some friendly conversation and the lady was thrilled to find out I was from Singapore.

Lady: "YOU'RE FROM SINGAPORE??? My daughter went there twice and she absolutely LOVED IT"
Me: "Wow! Really?!"
Lady: "Yeah!!! She says it's amazing and she dreams of living there!"

You can imagine my astonishment. It's amazing to hear that about your country. Sometimes, you get surprised when others think that about your country.

So that was my trip to Hastings.
Life has its ways of taking its own trails and paths.
My beginning and end sometimes is different from what I imagine or expect it to be. And different from what people tell me it should be. I carved a journey on my own.

And it is a journey I will take, with my own life.
Full of surprises - twists and turns.
Fulfilling, nevertheless :')

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