Yeah, I left it in the office so I guess I'm phone-retarded right now. It's almost 1am and I was bathing and thinking about things. ...

1am thoughts (and when you don't have your phone with you)

Yeah, I left it in the office so I guess I'm phone-retarded right now. It's almost 1am and I was bathing and thinking about things. I'm in my nirvana zone right now. A happy place to be in. Earlier on, my brother was playing some nice jazz music and he and his partner were laughing. My parents are sound asleep right now. Then there's me in my own room silently typing away on my macbook and thinking about progress at work. Today, I had an opportunity to write my first big story for the bulletin, which was about Trump and his NY Times interview. I was so excited even though it was slightly challenging writing it. So yeah, life is pretty smooth right now and I'm just soakin in every bit of it. I'm definitely in my zone right now. 4 months into work and I'm finally settling in :-)

I requested to get cable tv at home. I know, my family's kinda late - that also means that I've been consuming state media my entire life. Youtube and the internet's the alternative but what used to be on my TV was solely Mediacorp stuff for all my 24 years of existence. But now with cable... and the reason why I requested for it.... was so that I could watch BBC, CNN, CCTV, SkyNews, and every other news channel. And I've been devouring every channel every damn day. I wake up, I watch Press Preview on Sky News or Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN. When I return home, I watch whatever that's on as well. I basically live and breathe television news since I write the news for CNA at work too. My whole day's just news, news, news and I absolutely love it.

There's so much to learn from channels in the west. Their live debates, their pictures, graphics and storytelling...... amazing. So much to learn. Robust debates, sharp images, fancy graphics. I used to only watch CNA all the time so there wasn't much else to reference from. Having a whole spread of channels to choose from now is heavenly... And you know how sometimes there isn't something interesting on one channel so you'd wanna switch. I couldn't before but now I can. Hallelujah.

I like those channels but I still think CNA has an edge for the fact that it prides itself on telling stories through the Asian perspective. Perhaps it's just a slogan and kinda corny to be calling it the ASIAN perspective. But it actually is true. All those other media outlets don't report much on Asian stories, though I must say they've an extensive network of correspondents overseas. But stories like Malaysia's Bersih and Indonesia's prosecution of their Jakarta chief... you can only watch those stories play out more often on CNA. More discussions on the issues as well. I love stories from Asia and our SEA neighbours simply because of proximity and the impact of their stories on us. I can't not know what's happening to our neighbours.

Anyway, back to the newsroom - I've already seen 2 colleagues leave in the space of the 4 months I've been there. I believe another is transferring out soon. The turnover rate is pretty high eh? Or perhaps it's just the natural order of things. New people like myself coming in and tryna chart a new path, while they, the more senior ones are starting to leave, seeking greener pastures. One day it'd be my turn too but for now, I think we're the new generation of producers and reporters running the show. Quite literally as well haha.

I'm happy to report (didn't mean it) that I'm feeling quite good at this point in time. I've gotten used to the systems, the way things are run, people.... prolly needa take a bit more time but I'm getting there. And even if I don't well, I'll move on. Life is still all right.

And I hope it is for you as well whoever you are.

(dead sleepy now, i prolly don't sound normal cos im not writing properly)

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