Yeap that sweet cute boy. Not married to me, of course. but we two cute hor. ... and who's gonna miss him the most??? MEEEEE. ...

my brother is getting... MARRIED

Yeap that sweet cute boy.

Not married to me, of course.
but we two cute hor.

... and who's gonna miss him the most??? MEEEEE.

It came as a surprise to my family just about two to three weeks ago. I mean, me, my mom and dad all knew the girl was probably the one for my brother, but we didn't expect it to be THIS fast. They're getting hitched next year!!

And I'm soooo excited for the wedding. Cos... I've always been excited to attend weddings of people who are close to me. This one hit closest to home!! And who knew it'd be THIS soon??? Not me!!

ANDD who knows, I'mma be an aunt soon ;)

I already have a nickname for his kid. He/she will be the cutest I swear. Gonna be a fat kid just like my brother when he was a newborn.

My entire family's pretty hyped up about 2018, so much things going on - my bro's getting married, my dad's turning 60, my mom's gonna retire. Me? Well, that's still a surprise hahah.

My own brother isn't even THAT excited about his own wedding. Him and his girlfriend or should I say fiancee... (god damn, he hasn't even properly proposed to her yet, it's cuz they clinched the ever-most-singaporean-way-of-saying-will-you-marry-me- I don't even need to tell you what)... they're just trying to settle things like the wedding venue, blahblahblah. They're having a wedding lunch btw! (all the rage these days)

While I'm excited and happy for him, I'm also melancholic and sad that I will be "losing" my brother. I clean my house every fortnight when I don't have work, and when I clean his room, I get so pissed cos it's dirty as hell. But last week while vacuuming and mopping his room, I thought to myself, well, this room's not gonna be dirty anymore.. cos well, he ain't gonna be here no more.


I mean, we grew up together, for the entirety of our lives. We used to sleep in the same room up till we were about 9 or 10. Our favourite game was playing pretend with our soft toys. Simple as it is, the nicest thing that we'd do every night would be to say goodnight to one another before either of us slept. We were that close.

Until of course, he had a girlfriend and then I was relegated to second place HAHAH. Yknow what they say about mother-in-laws? For his girlfriend, it's the sister-in-law whom she has to watch out for. Aka, um, me?

So I guess, it's a mixture of emotions. Happiness, sadness and regret for not cherishing those moments when my brother was with me all throughout my 25 years of life. Only when he's leaving my home, do I truly realise what an awesome big brother he's been all this time.

But hey, life goes on. I'm happy for him, happy for this new life he's about to embark on. I'm excited!!! It's insane!!

And this is strange, I think writing this post has made me feel so... young again. All the exclamation marks. I feel so comfortable, yet uncomfortable at the same time, talking like that. These days my work requires me to type formally, "US President Donald Trump has denied calling North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un short and fat".

So writing this post... feels quite a relief. Yet, strange. I think you kinda understand what I'm trying to say. It's funny, cos you guys are seeing the changes in me and my personal life.

It's been a journey and I still feel close to you, the reader. And today I'm talking about my brother - someone you've prolly heard about since he's sprinkled in some of my posts. It's a big thing I'm sharing with you!!

Have I already mentioned it??

He's getting married ahhh!

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