Soooo yesterday was my last day as an International News Producer My team was just the.... most amazing team ever. They got me two cake...

Heading to reporting...

Soooo yesterday was my last day as an International News Producer

My team was just the.... most amazing team ever. They got me two cakes and a voucher for an online clothes store (my favourite love bonito hahah) - new work clothes!!!! It was as if I be gone forever from Mediacorp. But in actual fact, I'll still be working quite closely with them, just in a different department -

I'm going to be a reporter!!!! Starting Monday.

and i'll get to exercise this furrealz now

When people ask me how I feel about this, I say I'm excited and also filled with a sense of trepidation. I've been waiting for this day for so long!! This sounds extremely cheesy but it's a childhood dream fulfilled. Never would I have thought I'd be that tv journalist someday... I grew up watching CNA.

At the same time, worried as well because I have to start from scratch again - I have to learn things again. And the past almost two years, I've just been constantly adapting to changes. Learning the ropes of being a producer - moving over to the new swanky campus - learning the ropes again to be an international news producer - and now reporting. It feels as if I've been taken on a rollercoaster ride in that short span of time.

I must say, it hasn't been easy. When I first started, I was so stressed. I had to adjust to a work setting - it was no longer school. Had to make new friends. Learn all the technical bits and pieces. I once thought, perhaps I was not cut out to be a journalist.

But I've come so far. It's been nearly two years in my job. And I am ready for whatever that comes.

While I am looking forward to starting this new phase, I must always remind myself that whatever happens, I need to take it in my stride - mistakes will happen, challenges will come, but I must always keep my chin up and never let them get me down.

And I am only excited to dig for stories - the more unearthed they are, the better. With diligence, and a little bit of courage, I see myself going the distance. Who knows where this path will lead me to?

Some tell me TV as a medium is dying, but I don't ever see it completely dying out. Because as long as journalism as an industry exists, there still needs to be some form of output. Video, images, storytelling - people still need that. The digital realm offers that as well, but until there's a consolidated go-to platform, tv will still be around (even if only your folks watch it hahah)

And as with all stories, there are different narratives, and different truths to different people.

I finally understand what it means to remain objective as a journalist - and to tell it as it is. To let the audience decipher information themselves. While many may criticise the fact that I work solely for the government's narrative, I'd like to think that we all strive to do our best in telling a story that's balanced, no matter what. Because I've worked with the people who deliver the news to you, and all of them strive to provide you with the most accurate information as best they can, with whatever amount of information they're provided. I can attest to that, and I'm proud of my colleagues.

In an era of fake news, there still needs to be some trust in established news organisations.

Maybe this is the part where I insert a campaign slogan like "Make Mediacorp a Better Place" or something haaaaa!


In other news (haw haw)...

I passed my driving test!!!!!

All I need is my P-plate and I'm ready to get out there and do my thangggg. Can I show off that I passed on my first try??!?! waaaaaa

Ok, but seriously though, this was one big mental obstacle that I overcame... I used to think I'd never be a good driver and that I'd kill someone someday (choy ah!), so I just never did it. But this year... something in me just convinced me to go for it. And I'm glad I did. My friend says my life will change from hereon HAHAH, I think so too ;)

That friend was Huiquan bahahah  - us at the script concert two days ago
And this was about two weeks ago~
Jo-ann's last day with CNA, Faruq as usual, and Deborah, my new colleague-to-be who'll be my teammate in the education beat

Soooo, that's my life so far folks!

I must say 2018 has been pretty damn amazing so far. And there's so much more to come. Remember I told you guys I reckon this year will be a great year?

Turns out I'm bledy right ;)

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