BAM! My first OOTD for you guys ; ) Those heels are sorta my first official heels I think? But not really as well since they'...




My first OOTD for you guys ; )
Those heels are sorta my first official heels I think? But not really as well since they're boots.
I waddle like a duck and had a few very glam moments of almost tripping. Hehe.

This was taken at a temple... it's been a while since my family went to the three different temples to visit my grandparents who are dancing in heaven (or hell for Taoist believers).

Yeah, all my grandparents are deadddd, so my way of house visiting them is temple visiting haw haw. With namo amitabha song chanting at the back.

I was never really close to any of my grandparents coz my grand dads - one estranged, the other long gone before my bro and I were born. Grandmas - one of them I never saw often, the other used to live with me and was the last surviving one till I was 11. That one was not really close either coz she never really liked kids I think. But I picked up a fair bit of Canto during her reign in her kingdom. I'm actually Teochew, but know not how to speak a word of it except "Have you eaten?" Lawl, my generation quite a fail generation ya. When dialects have been ridden of. Who to blame? Ourselves or the Government? Now that's another debate altogether.

Anyway, one temple that my family visits every year... well, the Buddhist monks were no longer there and that's sad. Coz it's kinda a tradition for us to meet this one particular monk to get blessings every year. He's interesting as well because he'd tell us our fortunes for the year~~~ Was excited to hear what he had to say for us, alas, all the monks weren't around. Which is sad. We've known him all my life. He even shaved my brother's infant head.

I am Chinese and I love traditions... so it's quite sad to see practices go. Even though this is more like family tradition. But... OH WELL.

Anyway, I was up at 6 am yesterday to get ready even though I set my alarm an hour later... my body clock could tell how excited I am for CNY hahaha.

Wanted to...


That's why I needed extra time.
But fail leh, Look like grass siol.
I think I need the big ass round curler for bigger curls instead of the twangy twingy springy curls. But well I don't curl them all the time so ain't that important.

Everyone in my family did their part to... wake up early.
I think doing that itself is a bloody big task. Especially for my bro, coz he sleeps at like 5 or smth almost every day. His body clock is pretty screwed.

Typical family portrait taken every year with self-timer, at the same couch, with us seated at the same positions.
Bro's the orphan child.

But of course I love him! Orphan or not.

With him around,
there be no end to monkey facez.

I'm glad that I'm close to him... It came after we both became adults, after I matured and started to understand how we're so different even though we're siblings. He tells me a lot of things that's happening in his life and I find great comfort in knowing my brother confides in me. Great trust.

Used to be so envious of other close sibling bonds, but now I'm proud to make OTHER PEOPLE JEALOUS OF US HAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHA. Siao.

When we have our own families in the future, I want our families to be close toooo : )

Off we were to the many different houses - my dad's side is HUGE AS.

Same old, same old. I meet my dad's side of the family only once a year. So there are many I'd only see yes, once a year. All the extended, extended cousins... wow. It's like my dad's cousins' kids. Like are they even my cousins???? I suppose they are.

Since last year, there'd always be a star in our family. Last year it was a guy cousin (again, it's extended cousins) who won an MMA Fight (Mixed Martial Arts) and everyone was treating him like a superstar, wanting to take pictures with him and couldn't stop raving about him.

This year,

I dunno if you guys watch TV anymore but Channel 5 has this "The 5 Search" contest.

And my extended cousin is in the Finale!!!

Middle - Caryn Cheng.

She's a beauty, and I've watched a few episodes. She's great! And I hope she wins : ) Vote for her plssss. Takes great will and faith to go into this industry.

She gave my family tickets to watch the finale at Mediacorpppp, my old internship company hahahaha. My dad asked if I can help him get parking at Mediacorp and I was like uncle, I didn't do an internship at the Mediacorp carpark ok. Wahlau... think that I used to work there means I get privileges there ah?! Siao!! Macam CEO or what, mere intern only. Parents... are so kiasu goodness...

I wish I could keep up with all these extended cousins coz in all honesty, once all of our parents pass away, they will probably be people whom I won't meet anymore for CNY. Kinda sad huh? But I feel like I just started to really get to know them again. Coz we all used to be quite close when we were all young kids. That's when all of our parents were young and still agile and would hold big gatherings every now and then. And us children were young and free and stupid coz our human brains weren't fully formed then. Seeing the babies in this year's house visiting makes me go awww, I wonder what you'd be once you're at my age!

House visiting - embarked at 9:30 am, with the last house visit ending at 11:30pm. Reached Pasir Ris home at 12 ++ am.

Ex haus ting.

But my body woke my up at 8:30am God knows why. I wanna snooze till 11am please.

Today's my mom's side and they be coming to ma cribbbb tonight.
But first, blading at ECP.

To rid of all the food we stuffed ourselves with yesterday hahaha. I swear my capacity for eating is surprisingly bad this year. After my first curry chicken, I was stuffed. But I still trudged on with steamboat and chupchye and all the new year goodies. I swear to god I finished one tub of seaweed crackers all on my own, with only a wee bit of help from my bro. Sounds a lot eh? But it was merely coz I wanted to eat not coz I felt like eating. Appetite not huge this year?

Pineapple tarts and bak kwa have never been my favourites though. I know, I'm weird.

Have a splendid lunar new year ahead! Still more fun to go~

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