So this was Day 3. Oh how I love these yellow flowers.. am I in Hokkaido??? hahahaha. (also this is kinda inception-like. photo of ...

Happy Lunar New Year!


So this was Day 3. Oh how I love these yellow flowers.. am I in Hokkaido??? hahahaha. (also this is kinda inception-like. photo of a place of a portrait of a place of a........)

Anyway guys, guess what.

Coz Day 2 for CNY was just a gathering at my house at night with my mom's side of the family, this meant that I had the whole day free. So my cousin, brother and I decided to take a trip down to ECP for some rollerblading and cycling and here's what I got after that...

Fantastic wounds feat. my-legs-are-hairy.
This is pretty ok looking, should've seen it when it was raw and bloody...

I fell down lah. I always fall down when I rollerblade hehe. 
And I wore knee guards ok, but they somehow slipped when I fell and IT TORE. The knee guard actually TORE. Dayummm those roads at ECP haha.

My elbows have scars as well so it's like I just came from WWII.

It's okkkk, I've always had scars since young through blading so this ain't anything!! I'm only afraid it'd affect my performance at the gym for a friend's research test where I've to do several leg exercises : /

Nevertheless, it was so fun bladingggg I love blading so much more than running. We bladed and cycled the entire ECP so I think these wounds were worth it hahaha.

Just takes a few months to heal and I'm all good : )

It was just horrific for my relatives when I came back with these wounds and after washing up, I wore a dress that showed off my bloodied knees and oh you should see their pitiful faces... 

So when it came to Day 3 on Saturday, I knew I had to wear something to cover up those knees otherwise I'd freak more relatives out.

lol mom @the back.
Lovin' this jumpsuit and brother.

I think my brother misses me every time I head over to hall coz he always lets out this huge ass sigh when he asks me when I'm booking in fwahhaha. HE LUVS ME HE LUVS MEEEEE.

So it's Monday today.

Back to real life. Oh I love Chinese New Year, my mind is just free from everything else that needs thinking about. 

Tomorrow I've a test and in a few hours I have a shoot...... and oh last night I dreamt that I had a baby boy on the way and I had to strain my brain as I thought who got me pregnant. But I consoled myself that at least the firstborn was a boy. No, I do not practise favouritism with the sexes of my children-to-be but the fact that I knew my kids will have an elder brother made me happy! Hahahaha. Yeah I want my firstborn to be a baby boyyyy. If it is a girl, I will still love her all the same of course duh. 

This coming weekend, I've to bring a German girl around Singapore for a day. She's a friend of Jan, my beloved German friend whom I met in NZ. I feel obliged to treat this friend of his with much graciousness, so I'm hosting her at my home and letting her have a taste of some yusheng at my uncle's place on Saturday.

She's gonna be showered with much Asian-ness this festive season hehehehe.

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