So two days ago I received this email: WAAAHOOOOOO!!!!! Yet another selection for a documentary competition. This time.. in Switzer...

Yet more great news...


So two days ago I received this email:


Yet another selection for a documentary competition. This time.. in Switzerland :'D
This film festival is a really niche one - targeted at Science, with the theme of 'Convergence' this year. Didn't really look much into it but thought our docu was quite relevant so I just went ahead with submission.

Didn't think that.......... AHHHH!!!!!!!

I read the first line of the email with bated breath and then when it came to the second line, I shrieked. Woohoo, Stream Dream has been selected yawww.

And just when I was about to type this blog post, I received another email from them asking me to wetransfer to them our film~ So here I am, wetransferring it at the moment as I type this blog post.

It's crazy man, and feels so good to be able to have our film recognised by these film festivals! Currently waiting for approval for funds to head to Barcelona : ) 75% funded by the school. For each project, we can only apply for one trip so it's not like we can go to Switzerland on the school's budget as well haha. Suckin them dry man hahahaah.

Really hope the school approves our application asap so that I can confirm with the Spaniards our hotel rooms. I checked that some of the rooms are already taken during the time that we'll be there through their website??? So hope all goes well!

Oh how I wish I can remain excited foreverrrr. It was exhilarating receiving that email on Tuesday. But the next day I was all over it and it was back to real life. I get over these things pretty fast. I want to live in euphoria 4evaaaa and sadness begone 4evaaaa. My perfect Utopia~

Didn't announce this on Facebook this time, coz it's bragging and seriously, NOBUDDEH CARES LAH! "Aiyo, must announce how many times these people?!" they'd be thinkin. So I ain't gon stuff it down their facez.

But you guyssss, I will share everything I possibly am willing to disclose here : )

Anywayz, for FYP, we're getting close to the end of our shoots. I think all of us can't wait to finish it and get started with editing.

I think the fact that it has been so long-drawn, my enthusiasm has been waning. But I don't want it to!!! Yet I can't help it!!!

I must jiayou myself to hang in there. I had to google "I am losing my passion"

But Google said, "You are not losing your passion. You are merely losing your enthusiasm. Keep asking yourself why you're doing this in the first place. Why, why, why and regain that momentum. The Universe will guide you."

Hell yeah, Universe GUIDE ME, C'MON!

But of course, lemme get my act together before the Universe would even bother to save me. When I was young I know my mom would always say "God only helps those who help themselves"

Hell yeah, you're totes right Mr. Divine. Why'd you have to be male and not female by the way?

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