Sorry guys! Haven't been updating regularly. But anyway... I'M FLYING TO BARCELONA THIS WEDNESDAY!!!!! It was really last minut...

Barca barca here I commaaaa


Sorry guys! Haven't been updating regularly.


It was really last minute because the school approved only one of us to head to the Mecal film festival. Initially, Reshma was supposed to go and the school even approved her application. But she decided to pull out and so, I have taken her place instead.

The plan is that, since we got accepted into 2 more film festivals at Switzerland and the US, Zhuoda and Reshma could go for each. The one at US is in April and Reshma will be available for that. Hopefully the school approves our requests so that ALL OF US CAN HEAD OVERSEAS TO ATTEND A FILM FESTIVAL WOOHOO!!!!

It's kinda sad though having to go alone. No one to laugh and discuss about monuments and take photos with.

Also, I'm making so much arrangements right now - accommodation (argh!), flight, money, luggage and itinerary (if I ever get down to it in time).

I only just bought the air tickets yesterday - $1.5K flown away and technically the school hasn't even approved my application for grants because the school's admin has to resubmit approval for mine. And there hasn't yet been a confirmation. I'll only know tomorrow. It's a risk, but ah heck lah, I'm going for it! There's no reason why they shouldn't approve it.

I'm quite excited for it, though not sure how to feel coz it's all too sudden. Well, at least it's Terminal 3 shiok ah.

I know nothing about Spain, literally nothing and I need to do some research to get excited about places I could go to.

I also only told my parents yesterday that I'm flying to Barcelona this Wednesday.

I went, "Mommy, Daddy *suspended pause as I waited for their heads to turn and look at me* I'm flying to Barcelona on Wednesday".

My dad thought it was a joke - "Ugh, she kidding only lah right". And mom, well, she has been harassing me every hour about what to bring, be careful of snatch thieves blahblahblah omg I'd rather not have told them and just gone MIA.

They wouldn't even know! Since I stay in hall and I return within a few days! So yeahhh it's a reallyyy short trip, maybe that's why I'm not going GOOOGOOGAGAGA about it.

Still, it'll be an experience! Spain lehhh, the only other European country I would be able to proclaim that I've been to, other than the UK.

Pictures I'll be taking for you guys ya.

And I will leave FYP in the good hands of my sistasz. I believe it's going in a good direction so let's keep our fingers crossed that all will go fine and AWESOMELY till April 1st.

In the meantime... I was about to say ciaociao for nownow but if I have time to blog one time before I leave then yeah.

Otherwise, it's ADIOS AMIGOS!!! 

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