Sianpei's happy face. 1st April was our FYP submission and.... I"M SO PROUD OF US!!!!! SOSOSOSOSO PROUDDDDD ...

Final Year Project CHECK!


Sianpei's happy face.

1st April was our FYP submission and.... I"M SO PROUD OF US!!!!! SOSOSOSOSO PROUDDDDD

Nobody else on this earth understands our pains as much as we do.

So glad to have worked with these beautiful ladies.... We are left with Moderation day, which is basically a Q&A session with our moderators. And we be doneeee. DONEEEE. Ermagadddd.

It's crazy all those months leading up to it. I remember all those painful months, but ya know it's just like giving birth. The labouring process of having that baby in your womb was tough but when you birth that baby... omg, tears in ma eyes.

Before that, you tell yourself, not another one. But after giving birth, you say, yes why not another one. I can do it all over again. And the process repeats.

:'D We are proud mothers.

I wish I could show you the finished product but due to agreements that we've signed with an external organisation, I'm afraid our documentary is closed doors. Probably the only time you'll ever get to view it is during a screening of all of WKWSCI's films, which is in July.

I'm so proud of it, yet I can't show my beautiful child. I know.... I wish I could hold him up like Simba, but I can't. Sorry folks.

Nevertheless I hope you feel my happiness.

In the meantime, you can have a look at my school's FYP friends' awesome stuff. This is the first one that's proliferating the internet - A look at Nepal and the misunderstanding that everyone's a mountain climber. A multimedia project: 

I think multimedia projects are the way forward and I see myself embarking on one in the near future...

As of now, with FYP done, I have another report to do for another module and soon it'll be my written exams at the end of this month and start of May.

And then.... the inevitable graduation is here. Ahhh!!! Wow wowowowow.

Anyway, I've something to tell you guys... I will be doing a presentation on WKWSCI at Fairmont Hotel on the 18th of April. Ya know, the event that every incoming freshie is invited to attend? Hell yehhhhh, much excites!

So if you wanna catch meh in action, GO FOR IT. I didn't go for it in my time 3/4 years back coz I was in the UK then on a family holiday. But well, it should be an informative session. Good food I heard ; )

AND COME ON, I'LL BE THERE. How could you miss it. How could you miss ME?!

Also, if you're too shy or dying to know answers even before the event, I'M HERE WITH THE ASK.FM BOARD HEHEHEHE.

Here ya go!

Finally got down to creating an account. I'mma place it as a banner beneath my current tagboard. I've a feeling my retro tagboard is slowly gonna die off after I have this thing.

Be nice ok, don't trash me up and down lest I commit suicide. HAHA, no joke k in the news so many cases. RIP.

Hmm what else, I know April is one heck of a busy month with quite a few events. I'm gonna be running my 21km race this Sunday omalawrdddd. I've to be at the venue at 4am yo. No joke coz the flag-off is at 5am. Yippee. And I've yet another race to run on the 11th of April with my girlfriendsss at Sentosa. Music Race. Heng it's only 5km else I die man.

Gonna meet a couple of people this month too, all ma friendssss. We gonna play catch-up!

Oh and I attended a dialogue session today where a Minister spoke to us NTU students about National Identity. It was a Q&A session. I think with recent events, it was such a pertinent dialogue and since the school kept spamming my inbox with emails, I thought let's go for it. True enough, it was an insightful, engaging session. I did my part by raising a question. To my dismay... it wasn't the answer I was looking for. Politically correct I would say. But answers to other questions were quite on point I thought and I agreed with a whole lot. Don't wanna be discussing these issues here, that would be another lengthy discussion altogether haha.

I shall attend more dialogues! So interestingggg~~

Alrightey then, Good Friday to you allll and I'll try my best to post Spain posts the next couple of days whenever I can : )

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