Hi, I've told myself that I should aim to try to blog every two days. I realise one tends to slack off after at least three days and it...

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Hi, I've told myself that I should aim to try to blog every two days. I realise one tends to slack off after at least three days and it's hard to get back to the routine. Very much like exercise... you tell yourself the day after tomorrow, but that day never comes hahaha.

Coz words don't flow naturally once I procrastinate blog posts. Like right now, do you know what I'm actually doing? I'm typing something, and then I'm backspacing coz I'm thinking, "oh I'm supposed to talk about this today" but that detracts from my spontaneity in writing. And to make it worse, I'd think oh, I'm also supposed to talk about __ & ___ (eg. spain post) and then I'd realise omg I've a backlog of posts to do and how am I ever gonna get down to it. So I never do.

Also, I'm the sort of person who likes to talk about things in "real-time". If it happened that day, it's optimum that I blog that very day as well because feelings and emotions tend to pass quickly and memories should be logged in while they're still fresh. (unless something untoward happens, then yes let me sober up before I can talk about it) I am also a very spontaneous person. If it doesn't come naturally, it'll be awkward for me. I dunno bout you, but I think I've been blogging kinda awkwardly the past weeks.

My posts tend to become less personal when I overthink what I'm supposed to talk about in a particular post. Loses a bit of touch.

THEREFORE, I promise myself, every two days I'd post something. After all the broken promises I've given to you guys like how I need to post about Spain and yadee dah dah dah. It never happens because I'd be so overwhelmed by other stuff I'm supposed to talk about as well. The End Goal is never near.

So, bit by bit I'm gonna feed you with posts. Bit by bit I tell ya. I will finish all the posts I've been wanting to blog about.

Another reason why I want to keep up with my posts is also because after watching a ted talk, it spoke about how it's important to journal your thoughts down every day. It helps with retrospection and introspection.

Here it is,

Hahahahahahahhahh shit I just went to my search history to find the video and crap, the title. Thanks a lot ted, you read my mind. So bloody apt to what I'm talking about. I seriously forgot what the title was, I just knew that it was something I told myself I should try doing, not knowing that the entire talk is about stopping procrastination. Dayum.

It's a sign hahaha. Time to blog more often. Feed you guys more often, and feed my soul more often.

Since I'm done with school, I really have no freakin excuse to not blog. Besides, I think no company wants to hire someone like me who only has time till end June. That's less than 2 months to work temporary. I needa find ad-hoc stuff to earn some moolah. Lobangs please.

Just in case I really have nothing to do and nobody wants to spend time with me, I just went to AMK Library to borrow books to read and keep my mind occupied. Crime-fiction (my fav genre *wink), war novel (my 2nd fav genre *double wink) and a book on Singapore short essays called "Durians are not the only fruit" - It won a cultural medallion award so why not. I picked it up while browsing through a travelling exhibition called, "WE: Defining stories". SG50 is seriously roping in some kickass heritage stuff.

Oh could I just say that I visited the National Musuem last Friday to have a look at the LKY exhibition. I teared upon seeing the flag that draped over his casket. All throughout his state funeral, I never once wept. But this time. For a reason unbeknownst even to myself, I teared at the museum. Perhaps it felt quite tangible, the closest I could ever feel. I don't know... He passed away quite a while already but it got to me. I still feel a sense of loss.

Quite a teeny exhibition, have a look at it while you can nevertheless.

Alright, STARTING TODAY, I WILL BLOG MORE. I'm thinking of revamping my stale blog skin as well. And Chickenbackside really? How highschool is that hahahahahah. Also the side bar >> I don't think people really wanna read posts on prom and stuff already right? Bygones ago man.

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