Helluuu, Been busy with work and planning Filament 2015. Filament is an annual showcase of Wkwsci's FYP works. This year's is g...

Been bzzzz bzzzz-busy



Been busy with work and planning Filament 2015.

Filament is an annual showcase of Wkwsci's FYP works. This year's is gonna be special because of its location and the fact that we're presenting 3 multimedia works. And yes, this is the one time when you'll get to see ALL of the works. Including my awesome possum group's.

It's currently in the nascent stages and all of us just met up on Saturday for the first time to plan for it. It's quite exciting and the tentative date is 1st August. Crunch time is now and we should be able to pull it off by 1st August. Industry players and guess what, freshies are targeted for this year's Filament. Yes, so that you guys will have a feel of what broadcast students have been up to in the past year and trained for, for 4 years at our school tahaha.

So, Saturdays will be taken up for these meetings.

Then work has been almost everyday. I thought I wouldn't be tired from work, but I actually DO get tired from work. Very much in fact. I worked every day last week except for Wednesday. So today, I decided to rest at home. Good god, I slept till 12pm and slept again in the afternoon. I realised.. I'm actually exhausted. I even woke up with a lil sore throat. But howww, whyyy, I'm still young no???

Btw, I haven't got my period for close to 3 freakin months, AM I PREGGERS??? AM I???? AM I??????? Is that why I've been stealing munchies every now and then at the restaurant?? hahaha. Sweet potato fries, is that my new craving??

But yes, this is the longest time I haven't had my period. Something is up with my body. Speak to me wombbbb speak to meeeeee, what is up with you?? I need to know.

Anyway, the Sabah quake was really devastating. My parents have been lunging at the TV every time the news comes on. It is heart breaking every time young lives are lost. A certain sadness lingers just thinking about all of their futures dashed -.

Yet, it is these tragedies that seem to unite the country. It seems to be the case this year.

I still think such an incident was an isolated one. Nobody could've expected the quake and these Mt Kinabalu expeditions have been going on for years... I'm proud of these young'uns for taking on such challenges. I wish I had that opportunity when I was at their age too. But it was highly unfortunate that the quake had to strike, causing these precious lives to be lost. Especially at that tender age of 12 - pure, innocent and funny.

Truly, appreciate those around when we all still can.

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