Trampoline Park at Clarke Quay!!!! Watch closely - The girl on the extreme right. Representing the epic f...



Trampoline Park at Clarke Quay!!!!

Watch closely - The girl on the extreme right.

Representing the epic failness of Ms Lim Yen Huei.
I am ashamed to be associated with her.
But through it all~ I guess.. I'm still proud of this friendship BAHAHAHHA.

I don't know whose bright idea this was... But here goes.

Try to make out what we're spelling. Winner gets eternal glory.

I think my 'R' was the most beautiful and obvious lor.

Anyway, if you didn't guess it right, it spells... C-O-R-A-L.

That's alright, I wouldn't expect you to guess it coz if you look at Pohling's jump, it's hardly an "L". Regina's idea was to invert it.

And that's it!

Oh, it's still not a proper 'L'. Well I guess we're all bimbos actually.
Hahha ok, it's just coz I don't have a flip function in my phone. But yes it's supposed to be a nice looking Capital L.

(wow I actually managed to complete this post but blogger auto-saved it when I clicked undo accidentally and I'mma have to rewrite everything hoohoo D; )

Anyway, it was really fun!!!

And super exhausting. I jumped so much that I had to pee. Like a lot. Well let's just say that my bladder went loose for a bit so please go empty your camel valve before heading onto the trampoline.

$18 for an hour. One hour is enough to kill you so yeah. It's not something I'd do again so soon, but definitely a fun experience : )

A lot of other cool people around doing somersaults and stuff. Probably cheerleaders. Makin me feel inadequate bahahahah.

Having the feeling of weightlessness and free falling into cushiony pits was fun as well. Making our way to the Clarke Quay branch was a little tough though. Bus 123 from Somerset mrt - and then we still had to find out way over by walking. Joelyn was our guide haha thanks man.

Nevertheless, it was great doing it with you girls!!!!!
It's always better to do these kinda things with a bigger group, I thought the 5 of us was a great number. 2 or 3 people would make this thing kinda lame.

A nice picture of ussss hehehe.

Thank you girls for today! Even though we've known each other since we were 15, I'm finally slowly starting to appreciate our company. I think when I was younger, I was a bit drama mama, always saying I feel left out and blahblahblah but I guess growing up and out of it, I'm starting to understand the dynamics of our group and I enjoy the presence brought by each one of you. I feel young again with you guys, when we reminisce good ol'times and laughing our asses off. I also feel this strange sense of familiarity that I don't feel with other people. Like I don't have to be so sensitive or overly-aware. And I can shut up without feeling awkward. That's the sort of comfort that I bask in when I am with you guys. We all know our traits and whims. Every small thing that adds to each of our unique personalities.

I was touched today by how each one of you asked about my life and how things have been. Sorry I never told y'all about my upcoming stint in Myanmar, which y'all probably heard from third parties. To know that you care, means a lot to me. So thank you...

Also, this may not be important to others, but I think living close to one another in the east helps a lot. Can't do this with others and I think it's something I appreciate a lot. Going home together adds this layer of... well, something. I can't describe it and I'm too tired to think of it. It's just having to see one another off, that's kinda comforting for some reason...

- I actually wrote one nice paragraph until stupid Blogger autosaved an empty post. So if it doesn't sound spontaneous, BLAME IT ON BLOGGER. But I mean every word, sincerely. My brain is just crashing right now....

Before I end this post, I'll leave you guys with some beautiful pictures of Ms Lim Yenny Huei.

Only youuuu~~~~

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