What ran in my head was, 'Oh god oh god t45feagegsgry6r rvteryb, what did I do wrong this time.' She continued by saying, "...

"I want to see your manager"


What ran in my head was, 'Oh god oh god t45feagegsgry6r rvteryb, what did I do wrong this time.'

She continued by saying, "It's not that I want to scold you or anything................

.... We want to tell your manager that you've taken care of us very well!"

:') :') :')

Today was my best day at Podi thus far.....

There were two of them who were vegetarians and requested for customised food. One of them wanted the chicken wrap to be changed to a mushroom wrap. It was my first time having to take such an unusual order and it's not easy to do such things coz chefs usually dislike special requests especially during busy periods when they have many orders to attend to. I suppose they felt that I had gone a step further so I'm touched that they would also go the extra mile to want to thank me!!! I never expected it. My manager wasn't around, but knowing that I've been appreciated just made me feel so happy and honoured/

Another family, when they were leaving, I swear, I almost gave a goodbye hug ok. But we held each other by the arms at the elbows and bade farewell. And it was strange because we've never known each other, but felt like we have, even though we only just met and talked for just a short while.

Lastly, I met an acquaintance in person whom I recently emailed to thank her for giving my fyp group the opportunity to produce a video. I don't know her well but I almost wanted to hug her when I saw her. It was that fantastic... All a coincidence that she dined here today.

I must say, after working here for a month, customers can be the bane of my existence. But. For the most part, they make me come back, energised and ready to start the day. Every single time. It is a joy to be able to serve others. At one point of time, I almost thought I lost it - that even though I enjoyed having that personal touch of being a waitress, it would only be, but a brief moment. I suddenly thought everything was superficial and I started to lose a little bit of my spark. But... I never lost that flame. (oh, the cheeeese)

And after today, I'm supercharged again! Sadly though, I'm leaving my part-time job soon. It was fun while it lasted, and I'm happy I got to meet so many wonderful customers and people. Some, I have talked for quite a bit when I had the time. Others who were forgiving when I forgot their glasses of water.

What goes around, comes around. Kindness begets kindness and it'll all come back to you when you serve and treat others well. I've learnt this. Also, to award praise when necessary.. You'll never know when it'll make a girl like me beam with happiness and pride : )

p/s Good Lord what made it extra special today was a little cutie in the restaurant~~~ Dayum I swear fireworks exploded when our gazes met~~~~~****

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