Mohinga - some say it's Myanmar's national dish. Beehoon with fish paste soup. About 70 or 80 cents. But I wasn't ful...

Noodles galore


Mohinga - some say it's Myanmar's national dish.
Beehoon with fish paste soup. About 70 or 80 cents.
But I wasn't full after that and had to eat an apple haha.

Khao soi tod (noodle salad, which they toss using their hands)
Khao soi means noodles and this version of it has a bit of curry flavour.

Street food Ket Ji Gait.
To me, it's Myanmar's version of our Char Kway Teow hahaha. Has lup cheong inside leh!!!
When I told my colleague that I ate this, she said "how's your stomach?" hahaha. She says the street vendor who sells this isn't too hygienic yikes :S

Myaoy o mee shay
Pronounced as moy-o-mee-shay.
Bet you're mouthing it now.

Love this!!!
It's quite weird with so much fungi inside but very lovely to my taste buds. Spicy soup with chor bee hoon noodles YUMMMM.

In this picture, you can see a plate of fried rice in the background. That was what my colleague had today.

Even though what I'm showing you right now is just full of noodles, the Burmese are more in love with their rice than noodles.

Rice is like their absolute staple food. I tell you, they can eat a MOUNTAIN of rice. A MOUNTAINNNN.

On Tuesday, we had our company lunch - Indian food. Briyani with chicken/mutton. And the briyani rice was an absolute volcano. Like 2 pax portions.

My stick thin female colleague BOSSED IT MAN. She whooped it down in quick time and even said she could have a second helping. The rest of us were just struggling to get it all into our system. 

They really love their rice. And they hardly order noodles. Always rice.

I understand this though. I absolutely love noodles but there's something about rice that you can't replace anything else with. I once told my mom "I've a passion for noodles but a commitment to rice". Deep eh? Sounds as if my love life is messed up too lol indecisive.

Their rice is really yummy though. The grain is different from ours - long and thin, while ours is kinda fat and short.

Even though I thought I might have to end up starving here, I think I'm gonna be well fed : ) I love Burmese food. Absolutely. For someone who loves spicy food, this is heaven. What's more, I love how they serve everything with piping hot TEA. And it's F-O-C. Shiokkk bo?! The only thing is that, for dishes with their rice, they aren't served hot. It's like our cai fan, or economical rice, where you choose your dishes for your rice. But here it's a little more unhygienic. There's no heating system underneath the metal trays to warm the food up.

So a few days ago, my NZ friend got a bad stomach ache and had to head to the doctor's. And the doctor's diagnosis? "Foreigner illness" hahahahahahahah. It's normal for foreigners to get stomach problems. My boss said previous interns from France, UK and Australia all got it. One after another.

Then another colleague quipped, "But Su hasn't got it!". My first thought was "Oh yeah. I'm ALSO a foreigner." I thought only white people got problems like that. Then I was thinking to myself, "Hell yeah I'm gonna be strong as hell alright. I'm Asian represent yow. I can't fail and be so loserish with this so-called Foreigner Illness".  Hahahaha.

And Thank God I haven't had any stomach problems yet. Yet. And I don't wanna jinx it coz falling sick is the last thing I ever want happening to me here in Yangon ugh.

I really think my stomach is powerful though. HANG ON BUDDY, YOU'RE DOING AWESOME EVEN WITH ALL THIS STREET FOOD AND WHAT NOT. You gonna survive.


Anyway here are some updates of the places I've been to.

Inya Lake, where I had my Myaoy o mee shay today.
I love eating beside a water body. There's something really.. liberating about it hahaha.

It is also a place where couples frequent. Couples were peppered everywhere even though it was blazingly hot today. They'd all hide under an umbrella and do all their little notti things.

Oh btw, Myanmar people love their umbrellas. When it rains, the brolly's up. When it's sunny, the brolly's up. Yeap, that's practically all the time. I quote my friend, "I don't like my umbrella. I love my umbrella." I feel the luvvv~~~

Yesterday, I got to take a public transport bus for the first time.

Whatchu lookin at brudder.

Whatchu lookin at again brudder??

Anyway if you notice in the above photo... BACKLESS SEATS.
Not on purpose of course but because Myanmar uses a lot of old Japanese cars. So it's quite cute to see old retro Japanese buses on the streets with really thick tyres. 

Interesting huh?
Maybe Myanmar is also where all of SG's old cars go to when they have passed their COE deadline....

Last week on my first weekend here in Yangon, I explored a little bit of Downtown. Walked for about 5 hours around.

I really wanted to see the Yangon railway station because I love to take trains when I'm in different countries. It makes me feel like a local bahaha.

We saw some tracks initially.

And even saw railway trains chugging by!

As soon as white boy waved to the local passengers, they waved back gaily. I swear. Asians are just in love with Caucasians....

But not before long...


Looks quite cool eh with the Burmese traditional architecture.
I like it. Xcept for the gloomy clouds yuck.

Soooo... apparently with 1USD, you can take a 3 hour ride around Yangon. And we're planning to do that this weekend. Yippeeeeee. I think it's gonna be fun seeing a bit of Yangon through the railway train. I really really wanna take it. I'm excited.

Also I'm gonna see the famous Shwedagone pagoda : )

As for work, it has been alright so far. Manageable. I've been meeting principals of International Schools because I'm leading the project. I must say it's a little intimidating meeting these men? Asking them questions about their thoughts on the International School Regulation Law that is coming up. The last one that I just saw today kept shooting questions back to test me and it can be quite daunting. Nevertheless, I hope I'm on the right track though. My boss is back in Singapore currently so the office belongs to usssss now haha. And yeah, he seems ok so far about the updates on the project. Cross ma fingers. Cross ma heart. Hahah what am I even sayin??

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