The day has just begun and life at work is business as usual. Or rather, serene as usual. My Burmese friends are talking among themselves....

Last day of my internship


The day has just begun and life at work is business as usual. Or rather, serene as usual.
My Burmese friends are talking among themselves... I'm sitting beside my intern friend who is super stoked to get back home... And here I am typing.

We're also all waiting to go for a farewell lunch, hot pot woohoo!

On Monday, Sianpei and I will go on our epic tour~ Starting off at Bagan, Myanmar.

And yes!!! She's here with me nowww.

Wahahhaa!! My cray Burmese friends and us.

She came in two nights ago, on a special occasion for Myanmar, which is called the Thindingyut Festival - Festival of Lights. So lucky she was!! Coz the moment I fetched her, the taxi driver was one of the most friendly drivers I've met while I was here and his taxi was freakin comfortable lah? Aircon all and clean~

And then on our way to my apartment, we witnessed people setting off fireworks and floating lanterns at Inya Lake. So pretty!!! And magical ~*~*~* Real lucky indeed.

Then just hours after she landed, we went straight to meeting my friends and checked out a carnival in downtown. It's similar to our pasar malams but a lot more packed...

.... and old school.
We took a ferris wheel and wahlau it's insane can. You need to push to get a damn seat.

But the highlight is the fact that the ferris wheel spins by humans!??! Like a few Burmese dudes will be climbing on the damn wheel and spinning the thing by walking on them till it turns and then when it reaches the floor, they let go and jump off. Wtf?!?! It's damn crazy!!!!

Don't have a photo of them doing it, but here's the view.

The crowds....

So Sianpei really got a dose of Burmese life the moment she landed lol.

Yesterday we had a chill night coz it rained in the evening and after that we had the awesome Kyay-oh. Omfg I'll miss it so much :'((((((( I love it...... Needa eat it one more time.

Now that I'm at work, I think she's chilling in the apartment but will head out soon to Bogyoke market and stuff. Then over the weekends, we'll go around~~ Before we.... START OFF TRAVELLINGGGG

I still feel so unprepared, like hotel bookings and all not really settled and all?? hahahaha. Part of me feels uncertain, yet backpacking is supposed to be spontaneous?? We'll see~ 

Don't know if I'll get to post something before I leave on Monday but THIS IS WHEN IT BEGINS!!!!! I've a phone now that Sianpei passed an old iphone 4 to me. I take comfort in the fact that since I've a travel partner, the chances of me losing it is reduced significantly?? I just have this feeling. And it feels good to have someone to talk to and discuss life!

Alrighty, see y'all later suckas. These two-months ahead will be one heck of an adventure indeed ; )

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