So sorry for the lack of updates!!!! But it's been crazy moving around places.  We are currently in CHIANGMAI, THAILAND!!!! And...

Around SEA in 60 days!


So sorry for the lack of updates!!!! But it's been crazy moving around places. 

We are currently in CHIANGMAI, THAILAND!!!!
And the internet is bloody awesome...

Like right at this moment we're here at a cafe chilling.
There are crazy loads of angmohs here it's hard to find a local???

with some coaxing by Xiangyun, I'm telling you guys the itinerary of my travels!!!

Did I not tell you all??

But anyway, it's
Myanmar (28th Oct - 20th Nov)
Northern Thailand - Chiangmai, Chiangrai (20-26th Nov)
Laos (27th Nov - First Week Dec)
Vietnam (First two weeks of Dec)
Cambodia (3rd-4th week of Dec)

Back to Singapore. 
And we're thinking of doing everything overland. Including coming back from Cambodia all the way back to Singapore by train. It's possible. From Cambodia we'll go to Bangkok and then train down.

The only flight we're taking is today's flight from Yangon to Chiangmai (coz inaccessible)

According to my itinerary, the three weeks in Myanmar are already done... and I cried my eyes out this morning while on my way to Thailand... I didn't think that I'd cry so bad. I didn't even think I'd CRY. But I realised I was feeling sad and I hadn't had time to properly grieve so there was a sudden outburst at the airport while eating macs. Poor Sianpei had to be there to comfort me. Everyone else in macs saw me crying hahaha I couldn't even comprehend my feelings today. And I still can't. 

I started crying when I saw how different Thailand was from Myanmar and I really miss Myanmar... I actually miss the conservativeness and simplicity of their people? Thailand is really commercialised. And I felt like I left a part of my heart in Myanmar.

Here are some pictures from our travels so far : )

- Been updating Facebook with the travel photos but these are ones I didn't upload ;) Special special eh~

Bagan where we saw many temples from above~
Caught an amazing sunrise here too.

Cute kids with thanaka!!
Sianpei got a George Orwell book for 4,500 kyat from the girl. She's smart.

Anada Temple at Bagan. The prettiest we had been to.

U Bein Bridge at Mandalay!!!!
Super gorgeous sunset. Unforgettable.


Trekking at Hsipaw ; )
Sianpei was laughing hysterically at something and well she doesn't mind me posting so ah well.

I miss you so damn much already, Myanmar. So bloody much.

I even told Sianpei I'd choose Myanmar all over again.
We'll see after my travels to the other SEA countries. We'll see if I still feel the same way and if Myanmar still tops everywhere else.

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