A scene that Lilian snapped, which we both felt was beautiful. It was the last day of CNY on Monday. Prior to CNY, I had nonchalant fe...

A special CNY, to me.

A scene that Lilian snapped, which we both felt was beautiful.

It was the last day of CNY on Monday.
Prior to CNY, I had nonchalant feelings for the festive season.

But by the end of it, I must say, it is one of the most memorable New Years that I've had. A special one to me. It marked the first CNY that I could feel the bond of my family. It is also the closest we've ever been and I haven't ever felt that amount of love within us. This is truly the closest we've ever been. The house is a home now. The amount of self-disclosure and awareness that we've had the past few days... I think my family, or at least for me... I've felt the gratitude of being brought up in this family I was born into. The web of certain unspoken privileges is now realised and cherished for what it is. Extremely delicate but nonetheless, there, and present.

Only appreciated for what it is now when it's been there all the while.

Also, not just with my family... I remembered what my 2015 New Year's resolution was, which was to spend time with both family and friends. I never achieved any of that in 2015. But never is any time late, because I accomplished all of that at the tail end of 2015 and beginning of 2016. Perhaps it's because after coming back from my travels, I met a whole bunch of my friends at once like an open dam. Somehow though... I feel a certain change in dynamics. I sense a closeness with each and every one of my friends this year. A certain depth. Perhaps I'm just getting old, and I know whatever that I currently have is more than enough. And I'm beginning to understand what it means to appreciate an individual for all of his or her nooks and crannies. As I count the years go by, these friendships are going to be more important than ever. Unlike family ties, friendships dissolve easier because of the lack of seeming commitment. Which may make them harder to hold on to, explaining how friends can simply come and go. That only means that the friendships we have now should be treasured. For whatever little time we have, and whatever the future may hold.

So all my friends here: know that I treasure every single itty bitty one of you! (there are some whom i didn't get to snap a photo with as well haha)

Stephanie, who so excitedly called me out to meet.

My wkw core ;-)

Yuanyun and our shit storm right in the middle

Rebecca Tan the childhood friend, whom I will be a bridesmaid for!! :')
(it'll be years from now, but still.. it is an honour to be bestowed this early)

The unexpected arrival of my Korean Princess lolol.

Tan Lilian you soulmate of a friend you!

May, always there in silent support. I know :)
(sorry i had to choose this hair coming out of your head picture. unfortunately, what's seen cannot be unseen ahhaha)

Huiquan and Suxin - Once hall friends, and friends for life.
They came over to my place for steamboat, after house-visiting both their houses. So fun!!

Always monkeying around with these two :)
We shall never lose that spark.

With love, 
Si Hui

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