So it's the year of the monkey, which is my year, and it was so awesome to have Serena over, as well as my cousin at my homeeee heheh...

Monkeys in da haus!


So it's the year of the monkey, which is my year, and it was so awesome to have Serena over, as well as my cousin at my homeeee hehehe. Stayovers! Oh how I miss them so. And super impromptu.

Kickass cousin Vanessa who's just got a new cool tat on her shoulder and my Korean sista on the right.

When you've a Korean, well, beauty is the top priority.
So on the night before CNY, this happened...

Serena bought facial masks from Korea for all of us and they're not any ordinary facial masks....

Left to right: Shrek, Kungfu Panda and Puss in Boots
The panda of your nightmares....
Panda figuring out how to use waxing strips

Yeap, finally waxed my disgusting hairy legs. Finally. That's the key word. Wanted to wax em since agessss but I knew that waxing before Myanmar wasn't gonna be of any use since I'd be covering my legs anyways.

And with my Korean momma,

She beautified me...

But when she first asked if I liked how I looked, and when I looked at myself in the mirror, I got a shock.

A rude shock.

Because I felt like there was too much on my face... I couldn't get used to the eye shadow and all that jazz. But I soon got a hang of it and thought I looked alright. I looked... glamourous. Which isn't synonymous to Tan Si Hui hahaha.

Kor & I!
In reality and on a daily basis, we really actually look like this:


Every year, CNY is a time for family photo-taking. One of those rare times when we'd take photos.
And with the other two girls around this year, it was pretty fun together. Like my parents bore 2 more sisters :)

The first day of CNY was also Serena's last day in Singapore. T'was a pretty short vacation for her... But she enjoyed Singapore woohoo! Mission accomplished.

On her first day here, we brought her to Universal Studios, which I had not been to. Who's the tourist now eh?

Excited peeps!
More excitement once we were inside
Hats out coz the sun was shining brightly
And also, I love my hat too much, gotta get it out in the sun after not using it since my travels~
Wassup dawg
This is Betty, our Taiwanese friend who's been working in Singapore for 1 and a half years.
We all met in New Zealand but I didn't really know her too well then. She's real nice!
My rollercoaster bud
I had this assumption that Koreans are wimps and wouldn't be able to take the thrill from all these rides. Surprisingly, Serena was so up for this kinda thrilling stuff and we took both colours of Battlestar Galactica, which was the main reason why I wanted to come in the first place after hearing all about it.

Sadly though, both the red and blue rides didn't live up to my expectations. Not as scary as I thought they'd be.

The Transformers and Mummy rides were better. Serena and I both agreed that Transformers was the coolest thing ever.

But... even though USS was cool and all, I have to say that this will be the one and only time I will ever visit USS. I have... no love for theme parks anymore. I liked them when I was a kid and I remember being sad that I didn't get to take one particular crazy ride when I was too short as a child at Dreamworld in Brisbane. Now, I think after doing bungy and other more thrilling adventures, this is really quite meh to me. Furthermore, it's an artificial world in there. Sentosa~ I dread that place.

Then again, I suppose one day of childhood dreams in one magical place was pretty darn fulfilling.

After USS, it was dinner at Korean Mexican tacos restaurant called Vatos that was damn awesome and of course, a night of drinks. Thanks to Serena and her suggestion coz Vatos is a popular chain in Korea that was started there. It's at Beach Road, no need to thank me ;)

The next day,

Woooooah, Gardens by the Bay!
I was impressed hahaha. Serena wasn't so.
She was tired I suppose.

Singapore is impressive for city lovers I must say. If you love the city, I think Singapore is the go-to destination. It is fun, vibrant and lively. Now I sound like STB. But seriously, it's a World Class City. And I'm proud of it!

Anyways, hope you guys had an awesome CNY. This year's was one that I least looked forward to, but it had its share of surprises with Serena and Vanessa over at my place hehe!

Also, 2016 feels..... uneventful. Like I can foresee that it'll be a year that will be plain but at the same time, pretty smooth sailing. Whereas for 2015 I prophesised that it'd be a BIG year for me and indeed, it was. With ups and downs. But 2016 just feels bleah to me. I dunno why I have this feeling man. I should feel happy in a way coz that means that there's no extremes that are gonna happen.

Though I must say that I... like to rock the boat ;)

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