Love this photo! It was May's graduation convocation day today!!! And I'm superrrr honoured to have been invited to your conv...

The confused flowers are the prettiest

Love this photo!

It was May's graduation convocation day today!!!

And I'm superrrr honoured to have been invited to your convocation, May. We've come a long way since JC to where we are now, standing proud and tall as graduates and working adults now (alright, not yet for me but whatever hahahah). Although we may not have the time to meet each other often, do know that I am always silently supporting you, in whatever you do. Do you know that I've always thought of you to have a high calibre of intellect? Sometimes, I feel sad that we didn't get into the same uni together and that I wish that we could have. But perhaps, it is true that distance makes the heart grow fonder.

What made this day especially important for me was the fact that I was reminded a few days ago, all of a sudden and out of the blue, and I mentioned to you before as well that... I remembered all the tough times during JC. And I wasn't the most confident individual back then. I studied real hard, got stressed a lot of the times, didn't feel capable enough, but you were always there, silently, by my side. Even when I didn't like hanging out with the group that we used to hang out with and refused to be with them, you were still there by my side. I may not have realised that your presence was extremely important at that point of time. Who would I have had, if not for you? When I look back on my JC life, yes, it was miserable, but I always had you~ The sweetest memories weren't the extraordinary moments but the simplest and most ordinary of ordinary. They may seem plain and lame to others but they are the ones that I miss the most. Can you guess which? Yeap, it is that of us sitting at the bus stop as you waited for Bus 109. We'd sit, chat, for the longest time. And of course, laugh like hysterical maniacs. And you'd miss the buses just so that we could sit even longer. Even after boarding the bus, we'd wave goodbye to one another as the bus pulled away into the distance, while I continued walking towards my way home. These were moments that I missed after I decided to cycle to school in J2 instead.

Just as how I remember these moments, I hope you remember that you are a friend that I will keep always.

That's why today's important for me - to show my support for you after all that you have given to me during those years in JC. When I was nothing but a scrawny geeky 17/18 year old. I hope my card to you, written with heart, and my presence was enough to grace today's occasion.

What I love most was the fact that we went to Gardens by the Bay with your parents after that to take your graduation photos. So fun!!! And I enjoyed it very much if you didn't know.

With Wena : )

Your loveliest parents hehe!
They love you very very much~ (I know coz I talked to yo momma)

Today's graduation convocation was your special day. You were the happiest kid amongst all of us. Little did you know that you, my friend, made me feel so happy as well? Your special day also became mine because the entire day, you brought me out of my shell and made me feel happy again. Walking around the Gardens, smelling tulips (and wanting to eat those in your bouquet), taking pictures like giggly school girls~ Spending time at Bakerzin sipping hot choc and eating tofu cheesecake with your family~ And most of all... Your support and kindness of words to me that meant the world. Everything we did transformed my dreary day into one of the brightest of all this year. You brought a smile to my face that was kept in the dark for the past few weeks.

I was there to support you for your big graduation day today but instead, you supported me in the end.


And before we left the flower dome, what you said about these flowers topped it all off...

Me: Oh look! These flowers are so funny. It's like they can't decide whether to be pink or white.
You: Yeah, they're like saying "I don't know if I want to do Mass Comm or what...."
Me: *laughs* and *laughs and laughs and laughs*

You: But, don't you think the confused flowers are more special and unique than the plain white ones? They're the prettiest.

I couldn't help but want to both laugh and cry.....

Thank you May. And Congratulations once more. Couldn't be happier for you : )

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