1. 2. 3. 4. 5!!!!!! Hahahahaha, don't you just love my friends?!?!? I LOVE THEM TOO!!! Can't look at them pic...

Friends are like constellations


Hahahahaha, don't you just love my friends?!?!? I LOVE THEM TOO!!!
Can't look at them pictures without laughing


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Didn't catch a photo with Jasmine but, she knows we tight in our hearts and arsessss. I truly do love you guys very very much, y'all dunno how much it meant to me just being PRESENT.

\ I'd want to have my friends as constants in my life like the constellations in the sky~~

Rachel's (next to me) 21st Birthday!!!

With Ali, our pimp gahaha

Invited to Rachel's 21st Birthday!!! Feels. so. olds. Yet, so excited for her life ahead : )

These girls were my best friends back at CNA when we were all interns two years ago and it's so nice to see them againnn. And Alistair was our "manager" then, who welcomed and introduced all of us to other colleagues when we were all fresh and starry-eyed upon stepping into MediaCorp. Being part of the "On the Red Dot" team was one of the best things that happened in my life. (haha *cue sappy music) What a blast we had! And what a ruckus we made when we were in the office then. No other batches of interns can beat us, no-sir-ree, we the besttttt.

Speaking of CNA,

I finally conducted the privilege experiment today for the race documentary.

Viknesh workin it. And so immaculate indeed!

I thought it went well! I was frantically looking for participants at the eleventh hour when some pulled out unexpectedly due to sickness and had to prepare for people who would back out suddenly. Then it was a bit of a manic rush to get some materials ready in the morning. But eventually, everything fell into place and I'm glad the participants were able to open up to each other and talk to each other candidly. It was nice knowing that they had takeaways by the end of the whole thing - What privilege means, with regards to race for this documentary in particular.

My dad was also one of the participants because I had to gather people from various backgrounds - age, sex, and of course, race. So I got two others to rope in a parent and I'm glad all were very comfortable with each other by the end of the discussion and interviews.

Most of those whom I had reached out to were my friends and extended friends - even some whom I hadn't met in years. And that's the nature of my job. Sometimes it sucks because it feels insincere and as if I were contacting them merely because I need them for a particular purpose. Which is true. BUT with good intentions. I try to emphasise their importance in their participation, and what it means to be part of something that is hard to tackle but necessary to speak about, in our country.

And of course also largely coz... I NEED THEM BADLY hahahaha.

And so, throughout it all, I realise just how important and also perfectly OK it is to reach out to people. To reach out to friends. family. Strangers even. To ask for support and help when needed. Some may not want to extend that help to me, but there will be others who will be more than willing to go the extra mile.

Those I know, true to my heart, are keepers.

And they just don't know how freakin happy and lucky I am to be able to call them my friends :')

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