Mediacorp's brand new swanky campus!!! Remember how I told you I was on a two-month contract basis as a researcher for a documentar...

I haven't been completely honest with you... (again)

Mediacorp's brand new swanky campus!!!

Remember how I told you I was on a two-month contract basis as a researcher for a documentary?

Well, I have another set of news to share, which came about two weeks ago.

I will officially be part of Mediacorp, Channel NewsAsia, as a permanent staff member next month in July!!!

I haven't told some of my friends yet and neither have I announced this to the world through social media or updated my LinkedIn. So you guys are one of the first to know ;-)

I signed my contract two weeks ago and I will be a Producer for the Singapore desk in the News Department of Channel NewsAsia. Oh my goodnesssss, great things to come!!!! :')

So once my contract for the current documentary that I'm working on ends, I will convert to full-time as a Channel NewsAsia employee. F YEAH!!!!

And I am sooooo excited to move to this new campus~ I was there yesterday to recce for a makeup room so that we could have an interview with Kumar (yes, Kumar) today. And... Can I just say that I was in awe, and am so damn fascinated with the new building. I can't believe I'm gonna start my new life here. In this new swanky building. Look at that gigantic TV screen!!!! There was also a nice park right in front of me when I took this picture, which overlooked a fantastic view of One-North.

I felt so alive.

Sadly, Channel NewsAsia will be the last batch to move into this new building. All the corporate services departments have shifted over, but not us. And they reckon we'll move in September, but I'm pretty dang sure it'll be 2017 actually. So for now, in July when I join Mediacorp, I'll still be in the old, (very very old) building of Caldecott Broadcasting Centre.

I mean... just compare these two makeup rooms while I was recceing for a suitable place.

No prize for guessing which one this is.

And now, just look at THIS!

You tell me, how not to get excited about the new campus????? HOW NOT TO?????
Everything is falling apart in the old building. Literally. The toilets have clogged up sinks and toilet bowls every day. The walls are filled with algae. It's like nobody gives a damn about the place already. It's insane!!!!

All of the old timers (more than 10 years) and people who have worked there for at least 2-3 years are all lamenting about the move. That they'll miss Caldecott, and that this new place is so static and boring and factory-like.

But me? I just can't wait to get out of that hill and move to this place.

Change is necessary.

I'm ready for this. And I'm ready to take on this new phase of my life. And I hope you're happy for me : )


Before that, let me end this post with Kumar.

Removing makeup scene

I absolutely love him so much. For his genuity and lack of airs. I spoke to him at ease and I could even get along with him pretty well. I thought he might be nasty but he was just, so, real. And the sweetest.

I had to leave the venue even before the interview started yesterday and as I was walking out, he said,

"Eh you leaving already ah?"
I said, "Ya, I've something on at 7:30pm."
"Haiya, why you leave me! You got bad luck for the rest of your day ah!"

It was the funniest thing I heard the entire day, or weeks or months. And really, quite endearing to me...

Oh Kumar, I love you so much, you don't know how much you made my day :')

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