Huixin's wedding :) Hi Huixin! Crazeh Stephanie I've only met Huixin twice and I was so honoured to have been invited ...

Till death do us part

Huixin's wedding :)

Hi Huixin!

Crazeh Stephanie
I've only met Huixin twice and I was so honoured to have been invited to her church wedding two days ago! I was truly touched and of course, happy for her. Weddings are beautiful! And I think Huixin and her husband, who happens to have the same name as my brother, are a beautifullll couple. I think they both have good, kind hearts. And two people with kindred spirits are meant to become one.

I know Marriage and Death sound highly inauspicious when put together. But there was something Hanyang, the groom, delivered in his speech to Huixin that was particularly melancholic, which I found hard to forget..

"I always tell Huixin that Marriage is both a happy and sad occasion. Happy because when you marry someone, you're actively choosing who you want to spend the rest of your life with. But it is also a sad occasion because you've also chosen who you want to depart from." 

He carried on saying how they'd always tell themselves that their love is never a destination and to always be reminded to enjoy the journey.


And in the face of death, sometimes I feel like nothing else matters - all your fears, worries and doubts - they will disappear. They feel so small when I see something so big and ominous like death. It truly is my greatest fear. Nothing else scares me as much as death does. Not ghosts, bugs or failure. Nothing comes close to the D. So it serves as quite a powerful driving force for me.

When I told my dad my fear of death this morning, he shared how he's come to accept death and that he doesn't find it scary. The only thing he feels sad about is having to leave loved ones behind because you'll never see them again...

*waterfall one more time....*

Then my dad told my mom of my fear of death, and sniggered while doing it. Urgh so insensitive this one. Sigh, sometimes I think I'm just so full of life that being lifeless scares the shit outta me. lol.

Anywhos, I am only happy for Huixin, truly and deeply. No wedding ceremony is not worth the effort. Every single moment needs to be celebrated - birthdays, weddings, graduations, baby showers - they are all of life's highs. And who likes the lows? They say when life throws you lemons, you make lemonade. And so when life throws you moments of pure joy, you better make more than just lemonade. You better squeeze the damn juice out of the fruits of your labour, in a juicer or blender whichever you prefer, and celebrate the hell of it.

Because they are precious. So very very very much.

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