This year, all I want to do is let go~ of things I can't control and go with the flow~ - that means people, conversations, circumsta...

New Year Simple Me

This year, all I want to do is let go~

of things I can't control and go with the flow~

- that means people, conversations, circumstances.

I no longer want to constantly expect things to go my way cos they don't and won't just because I want them to. Also to know that people are trying their best - that includes myself.

It means to let go of trying so hard... It makes living a lot easier, and people will be happy and willing to offer their help, and for me to accept that help.

I also no longer want to expect things to go amazingly. I realise I tend to set unrealistic, grand expectations of how things should go - and end up disappointed. I think also cuz I get easily excited bout things HAHA. So I end up conjuring fantastical worlds. An example: Up coming Bhutan trip in October with my dad. I guess I would previously like to hope that the trip would be this mindblowing epic journey. But now, I just want simple things. If I get to sightsee and spend quality time with my dad, then that's all that matters.

That's of course not to say that I no longer have expectations. I also have needs and wants that need to be taken care of :)

Why I think all of this is important is because... I realise being in control all the time, and being on top of the game creates a lot of mental anxiety. Very unnecessary energy wasted to be constantly thinking about what people are thinking... I can't properly live in the present. And that sucks.


It won't be easy to let go and I constantly remind myself some things don't matter. It's like if I'm jealous about someone else's life, I'm the one suffering. The other person isn't even bothered about what I'm thinking and I'm slowly drowning in my own thoughts. So hey, if you think about it, not worth constantly wondering. Let go~

If you happy, I happy, then gud.

And it makes everything a whole lot more fun!

Speakin bout fun, I started my year with a bang ;)

Dad's 60th party on the 6th of Jan:

a night of drinks, laughs and good music :)

pops and me!
he was also very pops that night btw, and always is la!

my crazy partner-in-crime;
we both danced the night away~ i swear without huiquan everyone else wouldn't have stepped up their game

my two bestest friends, i do love them so!!!

Social interactions are sooo important. And as much as I love alone time, I think having a healthy social life is also pretty darn important ya. So I hope to meet as many people as possible this year!

And have a ball of a time at the same time - lemme repeat myself - bro's wedding!!! cousins' weddings!!!! sri lanka trip!!! bhutan trip!!!!


It's gonna blow. Mindblowing 2018.

Hahaha I'm excited :) :)

Here I come 2018!!

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