I am just done with my final exam in my entire undergraduate life. I HAVE UNOFFICIALLY GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!...



I am just done with my final exam in my entire undergraduate life.



I can't believe it, it's surreal. And just a few hours ago that was the last paper I've ever written and submitted for as a student.

I couldn't sleep last night coz I was so wide awake and preoccupied with my own thoughts despite knowing that my exam paper was just hours away - Laid in bed at 4am and exam's at 9am/ think I didn't sleep till 5+am.

I'm a bit zonked but... I just can't believe it. Doesn't feel real at all.

I'm glad I ended this paper on a high. It was relatively easy I think, I need my AAAAAAA. And also, coz I really liked studying that module. Interpersonal Comms, so bloody relevant to life. In fact, this sem I took 2 mods that I feel have been the most beneficial to real life - Working in 21st Century. I hope I score an A for that one too. 

I worked my ass off for these 2 final papers. Afterall, it's the last time ever. Just gave it my all, and I enjoyed studying them anyway.

I'm shifting out from hall in 2 days' time and I've grown to be so attached to my room. Started off absolutely being unable to adapt to it. But now.... I'm pretty sure I'll miss it. Any where that I've been to and left my imprint on, I always feel a sense of attachment and sentiment. 

I truly am a sentiment. 

Now that I'm outta school.. I've so much things to plan.

My graduation ceremony is 29th July.
I'm flying off to Myanmar on 29th June.
I'm thinking of getting a job in the meantime - which I believe I have already got planned. Am gonna accept a contract job offer for 2 months tonight. 

It's still gonna be a busy busy time for me. Preparations for quite a few things. Wkwsci films showcase as well for our FYP projects. Wow.

I also have so much things to blog about that I've delayed like why I'm going to Myanmar and so much of my thoughts on things in general. Believe it or not, I am actually a very introspective person. 

Don't get me started on the question of "Are you an Introvert or Extrovert?"
That deserves a whole post by itself.

Well tonight, I'm heading to the National Museum, dinner with Kaiying and chill in my hall room for the remaining short period ahead... 

Pioneer Hall, I'll miss you. Pasir ris, I'll be back soon~~~

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