WAZZZUPPP Check out how long my hair is now!!! Ok lah, I went to cut it off two weeks ago so it's not THAT long anymore. I couldn&#...

hey there ~~

WAZZZUPPP Check out how long my hair is now!!!

Ok lah, I went to cut it off two weeks ago so it's not THAT long anymore. I couldn't stand it so long. Just checkin in for a quickie to tell y'all I'm still very much alive. I don't know if I told you guys but I'm over at International News department now. Which means I write for the hourly bulletins on CNA on all things International. I must say this has been the busiest time of my career thus far. It's only been a month since the switch, or rather merger, since they merged the departments of Singapore and International producers into one. And it's a mad rush every hour to produce news. Not just that, I'm learning how to write business news as well - and that's another ball game altogether.

So the past month and a half, I've been exhausted. The only saving grace is that I no longer need to work the night shift (yay!) - normal office hours for me now from 8am-6pm. So I've got a social life yeh yeh yeh. And I realise how much I need it - also how much I've been lacking in it the past months. The funny thing about my schedule is that for all of us, we'll have one week that's a 6-day week (which means I only get one day off in a week and that's a Thursday) - good thing is the following week would be a 3-day week (which means I only work from Wednesday to Friday). While that sounds awesome, since we sorta have an extra day off, I've come to realise that I CRASH during my off days of the 3-day week. Meaning I'm just recuperating from the exhausting 6-day week. In other words, I never really get proper rest.

There's that part of me that NEEDS and CRAVES quiet time alone at home, so I was suffering. There needs to be at least a day in a week when I get to just coop myself at home and do nothing - no outings. Just me time. But the entire month and a half, I haven't found that time and space for myself due to social commitments that could not be turned down.

For example,

My German friend Nora, whom I met in New Zealand, came to Singapore!! And I hosted her at my home (to be honest, I was sooo tired from work that I didn't quite have the energy to entertain her enough) We visited the roof garden at Pinnacle @Duxton and it was my first time too and it was gorgeoussss - one of her fav places in SG too.

There was one Sunday when I ran a 10km race in the morning, went to Macritchie for the treetop walk with her and then cycled around Pasir Ris Park at night all in the same day. Dead. But I was soooo happy to have met her again after 4 years!! 4 looong years since I last met her.

Thaaat was us back in the day hehe with ma best friend Jan right there.

Not just her, my Myanmar friend Than Htike came over last month as well and I was again, tired ass but still a devoted Singaporean proud to show off her nation to her international friends!!

He's such a bozo.
Quite a model ah this one.
I think people either love Singapore or hate Singapore. Those who love it love its forwardness and its economic vibrancy. Those who hate it, probably thinks it has nary a soul with its concrete jungle.

I'm so happy to see my overseas friends because now that I'm not travelling much, they bring the world to me!! :) Another bunch of Myanmar friends will be coming over in Sept/October. And in November, my Korean friend will be staying at my place as well. I'm excited!

Other cool stuff that's been happening my life...

Ma first credit card!!!
(hehe imma christmas tree now)

Finding out how I look like as a boy and when I'm 65

Had time to meet these gorgeous people :)

Some who have been growing old with me... (and moving on to different phases in life!!)

Some whom I've been keeping in contact with since our internship days...

as well as University days...
(The two on the right are getting married yeehee!! The one next to me still siao and beautiful)

And there are others whose paths diverge from mine...

Shreeya!!! My closest pal in the office has left for Sweden to do her Masters and I already miss her presence in Mediacorp.
But no one should leave without a bang

What would I do without this bunch sigh!
On her last day of work, she stuck this on my locker!! And I was soooo happy to see it hehe.
It's a picture of us back in 2014 when we first knew each other!

Airport departure! Bon voyage~~

These were two of the loveliessstt interns (Jermaine's from NUS and Ria my NTU Wkw kid teehee) who left before Shreeya did.

It's damn sad one leh when people leave. Morale plunges. Sadly, more people will be leaving in the coming months. I've come to realise that not many people stay. Not sure about other industries, but over here, people are constantly leaving.

Anywhos, life goes on. I won't be leaving any time soon that's for sure.

I still got my soul sister

And funky friends~ (Huiquan's dance concert at NTU last weekend)

life is good with them always :)

And right now... All I want to do is SLEEP.

As far as I know, the reason why I'm exhausted is also because I haven't had enough sleep bahah. I strive to sleep before 12am every night now cuz waking up at 6am is no joke. I'm trying to build some self-discipline and routine in my life now. Think I'm getting somewhere. There are days when I don't get enough rest and I think it's not good for the body. Also trying to get fit enough to climb Kinabalu (again!!) in end October (one day after my birthday!!) I'm taking it slow and steady now at work, still learning every day and keeping my chin up.

Work life has been challenging the past year, but I think I'm adjusting. I also really like my new team. Once I've found that rhythm, I think all's good!

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