An afternoon off from work today. My dad's at home for two months cos of a knee surgery. Decided to look through some old photos to ente...

Greatest motivation

An afternoon off from work today. My dad's at home for two months cos of a knee surgery. Decided to look through some old photos to entertain ourselves.

Found some really beauuuutiful photos of my parents when they were dating (they must've been at my current age in these photos!!)

I really like this photo of them. I can tell they were really happy.. the sort that's young, pure and innocent
Lololol couple wear siol
I reaaaaally like this photo too. So candid!
And I could feel their youth radiating off this picture, and I think I'd like to be friends with these two!
I also came to realise that my parents were once young and clueless too in the game of life.
Who knew where love would take them to??
They got married....
... settled down, and had a kid - my bro

I remember my dad telling me how they were really poor then. That one trip they spent at Japan in those pictures? They savedddd like mad. Then when they first had my brother, the three of them lived in a small rented apartment. I was no witness to that, I had no clue. Neither of my parents had a diploma, let alone a bachelor's degree. Highest level of education = o levels. Don't think they knew what life ahead together would be.... But they slogged. They worked their way up. And I think also, my dad got lucky. He told me his original aspiration was to be a vegetable seller, but someone recommended him a job to be a computer guy. At first, he went pfftttt cos well, ignorant young fella didn't know what computers were. But they kept calling him back and he gave it a shot.

And the rest they say, is history.

By the time I came along, my family was pretty all right.

Moved to a decent house in Pasir Ris
And we were quite happy - went to China!

If anything.... I have a lot to thank my parents for. For almost everything that I have now.

My two good looking parents
I told myself, that from hereon, I'll be working my ass off at work for them. For my family. All that effort to put us through school and give us the best life my brother and I could have... I think it's the least I can do for them for now. They're my current motivation.

When my mom came home from work and I showed her some of the photos, she said, "so ugly hor?"

I said "where got!?"

Hello? She started #ootd
She looked so good!
And I loveeeee what she's wearing here.
She smiled when I showed her this photo.
Her wedding dress still hangs in one of our closets.

And I told her, "Mommy, I'll wear this dress when I get married someday"

That's how beautiful I think she is.

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